Springport Township Police Department

137 E. Main St
P.O.Box 186
Springport, MI 49284

  • Central Dispatch: 911
  • Administrative number: (517) 857-2233

Police Chief: Dave Luce

Please make note of the following information:

Central Dispatch (911) dispatches our police officers..if you need a police officer DIAL 911

Administrative number is 517-857-2233, this is for questions,request a house watch and clerical as well as non urgent needs, NOT if you need a police officer. If you need a police officer DIAL  911.

Springport Township Police Department operates a house watch program, if you are going to be away , an officer will check your residence. Notify the police department of the days you will be gone and they will do checks on your home while you are away.

Springport Township Police Department also operates a reserve officer program.These officers are trained to assist the police department and help with patrols, activities,traffic control and other police dept needs as assigned. Applications for reserve officer are available.

The Springport Township Police Deptment also has a bike patrol to be more visible in the Village of Springport. The dept's goal is crime prevention, not just to respond after a crime has been committed. Officers wil also be visible at sports and other Springport school activities.