Springport Township Board Meeting
Sept. 12, 2011

          Supervisor Lincoln called the Springport Township Board meeting to order at 7:04 in the Springport Town Hall, members present were Betz, Lincoln, Keeler, Sebastian and Mitchell.  There were 5 guests present.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
        Report from County Commissioner Cliff Herl concerning Jackson Co. Fair, the attendance was up 17% from last year and Grandstand shows bade money.  Exhibits were also up from previous year, due partly to sponsors of fair premiums such as ATT, who has again promised $10,000.00 for 2012.  S. Central Works has helped retrain 7,000.00 for new jobs. He also reported that the Jackson Co. Medical Care Facility needs a new roof.
        B. Russell mentioned the County Farm Fest will be the weekend of Sept. 17th.
        Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of Aug. 8th, 2011, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.        A motion was made by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve the special meeting on Aug.22, 2011, motion passed.  Sebastian then moved to accept the minutes of special meeting on Sept. 2, 2011, Mitchell supported this motion and it carried.
      Treasurer’s report was presented by Betz.  There is $150,327.72 in General Fund checking, Police account has $2,755.36, COPS fund has $9,025.54, fire operating has $57,401.99, fire equipment with $39,369.18, tax account has $63,230.11 and CD’s $135,318.32.  Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve treasurer’s report subject to audit, motion carried.  Concern over payment made by Green Meadows, they have sent two checks to us, first appears correct, but 2nd is not, Betz is working on it.  Question was brought up on when updates will begin on the property buildings?
     Mitchell moved to accept post audit bills for police in the amount of $9,731.56, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of post audit COPS Fund bills in the amount of $939.13, motion passed.
Sebastian moved to approve post audit general Fund bills for $939.13, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian to pay General Fund bills of $47,971.41, supported by Betz, motion carried.
Betz moved to approve payment of Police bills in the amount of $9,097.04, motion supported by Mitchell, and it passed.
Motion made by Betz, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of COPS bills of $1,879.62, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to pay fire bills of $15,200.00, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
      Supervisor Lincoln read the police report.
      Police Administration Board did not meet.
      Fire Board will meet next week.
    Mitchell moved to accept contract with the Springport School to provide a liaison officer in the schools and at certain school functions, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
    Keeler moved that the Board enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing contract for Chief of Police, motion supported by Betz. The Board entered into executive session from 7:40 until 8:03.
     Keeler moved to add sentence “the Board will reimburse Chief up to $1000.00 to cover deductable health care upon proof of paid receipt”, to his proposed contract, motion supported by Betz, motion passed.    Betz moved to accept proposed contract contingent upon White & Hotchkiss approval, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
     Discussion was held concerning a revised “Policy & Procedures manual”; Lincoln will obtain a copy of Jackson Co Sherriff’s manual.  Copies of Concord’s manual were passed out to Board members.
      Lincoln and Keeler will be on the Board to meet with Chief weekly until November, 2011.
      Sebastian moved to send letter to Jackson County Sherriff concerning Springport Officers being deputized and request for assists and backups when police officers  from other jurisdictions has an emergency or is in need of assistance, Betz supported motion, motion carried.
      Sebastian moved to adjourn at 8:20, supported by Mitchell, meeting adjourned.

Dena Keeler,