Springport Township board Meeting
Minutes of Sept 13, 2010

     The Springport Township Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Gaylord Lincoln at 7:00 pm in the Springport township hall.  Members present were Betz, Mitchell, Lincoln and Keeler, absent was Sebastian, we had 2 guests present.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
      County Commissioner C. Herl reported on the Community Action Agency’s  program on helping people get their GED’s, they also have counseling to advise people with foreclosures.  The Community Action Agency’s phone # is 800-491-0004 or email @ www.caajlh.org.  The Jackson Co. Fair reported being in the black after the 2010 fair year.  Minard Mills Park was washed out it will be fixed with steel reinforcing rods by the County.
    B. Russell passed out flyer with information on Jackson Co. farm Festival on Sept 18th.
     Mitchell moved to accept the minutes to the August board meeting with corrections, supported by Betz, motion passed.
     Treasurer’s report was given by Betz.  The Township has $92,557.51 in the checking account, $7,741.55 in police account, $10,964.71 in the COPS fund and fire account has $47,873.37.  Mitchell moved to approve the treasurer’s report subject to audit, supported by Keeler, motion carried.
Betz moved to approve post audit bills for the Township in the amount of $111.97, supported by Mitchell motion carried.
Mitchell moved to approve police bills in the amount of $7,068.04, supported by Betz, motion carried.
Motion to approve the COPS post bills for $2,654.84 by Betz, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Mitchell moved, supported by Betz to pay General Fund bills in the amount of $14,424.28, motion carried.
Motion by Betz to pay fire bill for $21,825.00, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Betz moved to pay police bills in the amount of $9,454.56, with the stipulation that a few bills be held back until funds have been transferred into police fund, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Motion by Betz to pay COPS bills for $1,891.96, Mitchell supported the motion and it passes.
Committee reports:
     Lincoln read the police report from Chief Speese.  The Police Administration Board did not meet.
     No report on the Planning Commission –Master Plan progress.
     Fire Board will meet Sept 20th.
Unfinished Business:
     Resolution 12-10 Economic Development Plan, Mitchell moved to table resolution until the October meeting, supported by Keeler, motion passed.  C. Herl is going to talk with them about some items then get back to the Board.
     The Trailer fees are current as of Sept. 6th, 2010
     Lincoln presented quote from Jacob’s ladder for general painting and repair of township hall.  Keeler moved to hire Jacob’s Ladder for the purpose of repair to the front steps (west side), repair attic insulation and vents and fix electric wire on back of building at a cost of $1,800.00, with $2000.00 being transferred from fund balance into building maintenance, supported by Betz,  motion passed.  The Board will look at painting/staining and repair of plaster cracks in the 2011 budget.
New Business:
      Supervisor Lincoln read a letter from R. Terpening at the Village of Springport’s office.  Letter was in regards to a request from the Cochran Corporation for tax abatement for the Springport Steel Property.  This property was offered to the Cochran Corp for back taxes owed.  Betz moved that after considering letter from the village that the Township is unable to give tax abatement due to the lack of providing jobs in the community.  He further suggests that CZS Appraisals reappraise the property to determine the deterioration of the buildings, supported by Keeler, motion carried.
     Police/Springport School liaison agreement:
      Betz moved to drawing up an agreement between the Springport Police Dept and the Springport School for $5,000.00 per year, to be paid to the police dept. twice a year, supported by Mitchell. Motion carried.  Lincoln will meet with Chief Speese and write up an agreement.
     Board Member Comments:
     CZS Appraisal Company has not billed Township in two months, concern with them getting behind in appraisals, Lincoln will contact them to see what their schedule is.
     Oct. 5th, 2010 the Health Dept is having a Street Training class for safety on bicycles, motorists and pedestrians, to be held at 1715 Lansing Ave. in Jackson.
     Betz moved to transfer the $16,500.00 from police operating transfers out General Fund, to the police budget, then we can bill the Village for their portion of police budget, supported by Mitchell motion passed.
     The Township received the State Revenue sharing last week and it was a little more than expected.
     The 2 year end budget has been completed by Dove & Hickey, copies were passed out to board members and overall report was good.
Betz moved to adjourn at 8:20, Supervisor declared meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,


Dena Keeler,