Springport Township
Special Meeting
Oct 22, 2012

A Special Meeting was called to order by Supervisor on Oct. 22, 2012 in the Springport Township Hall at 8:40a.  Purpose of this meeting was to discuss settlement with Mike Speece, former Police Chief.  Board Members present were Lincoln, Betz and Mitchell. 
 Mitchell moved to enter executive session at 8:42a supported by Betz, motion passed.
The Board returned from Executive session at 8:50a, and continued with the meeting.  Betz motioned to move$ 40,500 from fund balance to legal fees, this was supported by Mitchell.  A motion was made by Betz to pay $71,000 to settle Speece case.  Motion was supported by Mitchell.  Support via telephone was given by Keeler and Sebastian. 
 Meeting Adjourned.

Respectively submitted,

Jaclyn Riehle
Deputy Clerk