Springport Township Board Meeting
October 10th, 2011

   The regular Board Meeting of the Springport Township was called to order by Supervisor Lincoln at 7:04 pm.  All Board members were present and there were 10 guests present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
    County Commissioner Cliff Herl gave a report on the progress of Jackson Co. Airport. The north and south runways are complete and work is being on the east and west runways, and the demolition of houses has begun.  The Register of Deeds is still reporting a high number of foreclosed homes in the Jackson area.  Hopefully a new parking area will begin soon for the Jackson Co Fair.
     Motion by Mitchell to approve the minutes of Sept. 12, 2011, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
     Betz gave the treasurer’s report.  General Fund checking has $118,865.08, $9,708.53 in the tax account, $13,316.35 in the police account.  We have $135,318.32 in CD’s, Fire operating has $42,610.83, fire equipment $39,369.18, Trust & Agency $570.75 and COPS Grant has $ 6,894.97.  Keeler moved to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.  Sebastian moved to roll over the CD at First Nat’s for $34,145.05, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
     Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of Post Audit Police bills of $2,691.01, motion passed.
Mitchell by Mitchell to approve payment of COPS Fund bills in the amount of $1,397.49, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Motion from Betz to approve payment of Post Audit General Fund bills in the amount of $ 6,201.78, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to pay General Fund bills in the amount of $5,917.12, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
Sebastian moved to pay Police bills of $7,125.65 upon approval of Dove & Hickey concerning Speese’s retirement check. Supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of COPS bills in the amount of  $2,295.20, motion passed.
      Keeler moved to amend the budget by moving $160.00 from 101-101-755 Parks and Recreation to 101-101-958 Membership dues and to also move $175.00 from Dept 101-265-977 into dept. 101-265-812 Building Maintenance, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
     Betz moved to authorize 2 deputies to attend Michigan Speed Measurement Class Nov. 3-5, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.  Sebastian moved to pay deputies for hours they attend classes, supported by Betz, motion carried.     Sebastian moved to cancel Speese’s life insurance policy, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Sebastian moved to  deny Speese  request for unemployment, Betz supported motion and it passed.  Sebastian moved to ask Lt. Molton if he would act as interim police chief, Mitchell supported the motion, motion carried.  Supervisor Lincoln will contact  Molton and discuss pay rates and hours so not to interfere with the COPS Grant.
     Mitchell will contact person to take out computer that works and put it in the good car, and move the radar to the good car.  Sebastian moved to contract for this labor to be completed, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.  Mitchell will also look into some other small items needed by police department, including new office sign which was destroyed by the wind.
       We still haven’t received final master plan from Region 2.
       The Fire Board met last month, they are working on hydrants around Duck Lake and are still looking for truck.
Unfinished Business;
      Supervisor Lincoln has had several applications for Police Chief, he will be reviewing them in the upcoming weeks.  Molton’s dental insurance will be continued as stated, but health insurance will have a 25% surcharge due to the fact that we only have one employee on the policy.  Molton will work on reducing comp time.
     A GPS fleet tracker is tabled until a later date.
New Business:  
        A letter was addressed to the Township Board from Dean A. and Tasha N. Dack concerning several complaints against their neighbor.   Sebastian will contact Jackson Co. Drain Commissioner concerning complaint # 3.  Mitchell moved  to turn the complaint letter over to our zoning board and try to resolve issues, supported by Keeler, motion carried.
Motion to adjourn by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell, meeting adjourned at 8:20.


Dena Keeler,
Township Clerk