October 8th, 2007

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:02 pm at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Lance Mitchell.

Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes, once approved the tape will be destroyed.

Members present: Travioli, Rybicki, Mitchell.  Betz arrived at 7:05 pm.  Wilson absent.

County Commissioner Cliff Herl reported that hazardous waste is being accepted in Jackson airport project going good.  Road Commission people that retire will not be replaced.  Sent mechanics to Sheriff Department to work on patrol vehicles.  Road Commission will no longer receive any benefits and won’t be able to tell workers what to do anymore.  They will now be interviewed for jobs not appointed.  Zoning change approved.

Public comment-Bill Russell-zoning issues. Linda Griffith expresses thanks for card. She said it is nice to be appreciated.  Thanks Becky.  Mr. Ericson wants to know when he can get his permits.

Kathy Arnold spoke on Domestic Violence.  She also left brochures.

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

Motion by Travioli to accept and file the Treasurers report with $56,932.34 in the savings and $59,448.80 in the checking.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.

Motion by Betz to approve the following post audit bills.  Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.

Consumers Energy                          Electricity                                  29.73
UCN                                                  Phone                                  13.25
Tom Molton                                       Payroll                                  1010.07
Mike Speese                                      Payroll                                  1299.97
Chris Rhodea                                     Payroll                                    298.73
Nextel                                                  Phone                                  176.79

Motion by Betz and supported by Travioli to pay the Township bills in the amount of $6,061.17.  Motion carried.

Motion by Travioli and supported by Rybicki to pay the Police bills in the amount of $4470.73.  Motion carried.

Rybicki gave the Police report.  There were 106 complaints, 58 walk-ins, 11 arrests, 27 warnings and 6 assists.  There was also an attempted kidnapping in Springport.

Parma Sandstone is still having internal problems.  Mitchell has a meeting on Wednesday with them.

Jack did not attend the Planning Commission Meeting.

Fire Board meeting-next meeting is in December for by-laws.  M-50 accident lawyers say our ordinance is not any good.  It goes against state law. We may not get reimbursement.  Bill Russell will check and find out.

Mitchell stated the proof of occupancy form is almost done.  He will have it at the next meeting.

Have not heard anything in regards to the trailer on Pope Church.

In regards to the permits for Ericson none have been pulled.  Travioli and Brown told Mr. Ericson to go ahead and build.  It is zoned ag, don’t need a permit.

Rybicki stated that we may need to think about a Special Assessment in the future for Police, a small amount.

Mitchell is checking on the Cell Tower Ordinance.

Mitchell is also working on Grants and stated it will take time.

There was much discussion on the Master Plan.  Rybicki to find somebody to come in and help us with this.  Possible at the next meeting.

After much discussion on the Workman’s Comp bill it was decided to offer them $75.00 to clear or go to court.

Resolution # 8-07 Board of Review Poverty Guidelines was offered by Betz and supported by Travioli.  Roll Call: ayes-Mitchell, Travioli, Betz and Rybicki.  Wilson absent.  The Supervisor declared the Resolution adopted. 

Wilson had left a message in regards to a trash receptacle for the recycling lot.  There was more discussion at the next meeting.  Some suggested it may not be a good idea because people may take trash there. Steve to check on having signs made for recycling lot.

There was discussion on problems with zoning.  Mr. Ericson was upset that he was unable to acquire permits.  Board decided not to issue permits until the Land Spilt was approved. Resolution 9-07 offered by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to allow permits for that purpose.  Roll Call: Mitchell-aye, Betz-aye, Rybicki-Nay,  Travioli-aye.  The Supervisor declared the Resolution adopted.

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned by Mitchell.

Submitted by Supervisor Lance Mitchell.