Springport Township Board Minutes
October 9th, 2006

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:02 p.m. at
the Springport Township Hall by Trustee S. Rybicki.
Rybicki stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes. Once approved
the tape will be destroyed.
Members present Rybicki, Betz, Travioli and Wilson. Mitchell absent.
County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on various items. Looking for a new building for
the Animal Shelter. Cliff will try to bring maps to show the Farmland Preservation.
Public comment-Jason Sebastian would like to talk to the board about Road Maintenance.
Bill Russell possibly at the end of the meeting will have comments.
Motion by Travioli to approve the minutes. Supported by Betz. Motion carried.
Motion to accept and file the Treasures report by Wilson of $78,393.90 in the savings and
$11,901.16 in the checking. Supported by Travioli. Motion carried.
Motion by Betz to approve the following Post audit bills. Supported by Travioli. Motion
Travioli questioned why we had to do this. It is due to audit. If we held these to the next month
they would be late.
Motion by Travioli to pay the Township Bills in the amount of $15,988.63. Supported by
Wilson. Motion carried.
Motion by Wilson to pay the Police Bills in the amount of $7,071.38. Supported by
Travioli. Motion carried.
Motion by Betz to pay the Fire bills in the amount of $157.24. Supported by Travioli.
Motion carried.
Chief Speese was absent. There is no police report.
Travioli did not attend the Planning Commission meeting.
Rybicki reported on the Fire Board meeting. The wages for training were approved.
$10.00/7.50. They need to add a 5th Board member to the Fire Board. The Village approved on
the south side of the building to add a Lein to. The Fire Board is looking at charging Consumers
for runs due to storms. Also going to start billing people for illegal burns. There is an ordinance
already in place for this. The Township would have to do the billing.
Rybicki stated that there have been 2 letters put in the Signal for the Police Department.
We would like to get a couple more articles in the paper before the election.
Jason B. has been talking with people to see if they are interested in having the dirt roads
Rybicki stated that Mitchell had spoke with Rod about the Street Naming and Addressing
Ordinance. Rod will do this.
Wilson presented the Board with a address application. Rives has a fee of $40.00. That
includes a sign from the Fire Department. Wilson suggested this for the Springport Township as
well. That way we know the house number is put up. Discussion followed on the cost to Rod. It
was decided that the cost would be $30. $20 would be for the house number sign and $5 to Rod.
Travioli offered resolution #17-06 Address Application. Supported by Betz. Upon roll
call the following voted aye: Travioli, Rybicki, Betz and Wilson. Mitchell absent. Nay-none.
Trustee Rybicki declared the Resolution adopted. Will keep on unfinished business to look at the
Ordinance Clean up is tabled to next meeting.
Jason Sebastian asked if the county would be spraying for Moths. He also asked if anyone
has contacted the Road commission about cutting the dead trees. Betz said he has contacted
them before and nothing has been done. He also questioned how Clarence is handling the
charges for the runs. Rybicki stated that Clarence has asked for our ordinance. They are looking
into it also. He also questioned if other paving companies have been contacted for bids.
Rybicki stated that the Fire Department would bring the information to the Township and
the Township would be responsible for the billing.
Bill Russell suggested calling the Road commission in regards to trees. He had recently
contacted them in regards to a pot hole and they were out that day to fix it.
Rybicki stated that Jason B. has wrote ordinance violations on 4 different roads.
Motion by Wilson to adjourn the meeting. Supported by Betz. Meeting adjourned at
8:00 pm.