November 12th, 2007

                The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Lance Mitchell.
                Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes, once approved the tape will be destroyed.  Members present: Betz, Mitchell and Wilson.  Absent: Travioli and Rybicki.  There were 5 visitors present.
                County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke.  The 2008 budget is balanced.  The fleet garage is shut down.  Road Commission interviews are done, there has been 12 selected that will be considered.     There is a concern on Streetor Rd that a farmer plowed into the road.   Dog shelter is still in negotiations.
                There is no one that wants to speak during public comment.
                Motion by Wilson to accept the minutes.  Supported by Betz.  Motion carried.
                Motion to accept and file the Treasures report in the amount of $57,212.27 in the savings account and $55,356.41 in the checking.  Supported by Betz.  Motion carried.
Motion by Betz and supported by Wilson to pay the following post audit bills:
Consumers Energy                                                                             29.73
UCN                                                       Phone                                       13.25
Tom Molton                                       Payroll                                  1010.07
Mike Speese                                      Payroll                                  1299.97
Chris Rhodea                                     Payroll                                    298.73
Nextel                                                  Phone                                     176.79
Tom Molton                                       Payroll                                  1010.07
Mike Speese                                      Payroll                                  1299.96
Chris Rhodea                                     Payroll                                    375.29
Total Police Bills-                                                                             5484.13
Motion by Betz to pay the Township bills in the amount of $3698.00.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Wilson to pay the Police bills in the amount of $5456.07.  Supported by Betz.  Motion carried.
                Mitchell read the police report in the absence of the Police Chief.  There were 106 complaints through 911 and the Township handled 65% of those calls.  The liquor inspection was completed.  Breaking and entering complaints are on the rise.  The Halloween parade went well.
                Wilson gave the Ordinance report.  There are 6 open cases.  43 cases are closed because they have complied with the Township Ordinances.  There is a small claims court date set in regards to the burn on Kimler Rd.
                No report on the Planning Commission due to Travioli being absent.
                There was no Fire Board meeting.
                Lance has 6 different forms for us to look at.   Wilson will get copies to everyone before the next meeting.
                Lance has not seen anything or no movement at the trailer on Pope Church Rd.
                Wilson spoke with Rod on November 11th and has still not received any permits.  He personally took the paperwork to Becky Erickson on October 11th and nothing has been received back.   Lance will let Jason know about the situation.
                Lance will be working with Cliff on the Cell Tower Ordinance.
                The Master Plan has been tabled to the next meeting due to the absence of Rybicki.
                Wilson questioned the Poverty Resolution 8-07 that was approved at the last meeting.  There were 3 samples given but she was unsure what was passed.  Discussion followed to new information that was recently sent. 
                Move to reconsider resolution 8-07 Poverty Resolution by Betz.  Supported by Wilson.  Upon roll call the following voted aye: Mitchell, Betz and Rybicki.  Travioli and Rybicki absent. 
                Motion by Wilson to amend Resolution 8-07 Poverty Resolution to add the state guidelines chart to the resolution.  Supported by Betz.  Upon roll call the following voted aye: Mitchell, Betz and Wilson.  Travioli and Rybicki absent.  The Supervisor declared the Resolution amended. 
Wilson would like to propose a trash receptacle for the Recycle lot.  Wilson spoke with Rosie and said the Village would be willing to take care of trash when the others are dumped in the Village.  J. Mitchell suggested contacting the FFA about going in half with the Township.    It would be similar to the ones on Main St.  The cost would be $672 and $99 in freight.  Wilson will talk with the FFA.
Lance spoke to Rosie at the Village and they will try to work together to see if we can get some kind of grant money for the Police and Fire.
In regards to the joint meetings for the combining of the Police Department they have requested that the entire board come to the next meeting on December 3rd at 7:00 at the Parma Fire Station.  Progress is being made.  Sandstone has not been at the last 2 meetings.  Proposing joint Police department between Parma Twp and Village, Springport Twp and Village, Sandstone Twp and Rives Twp.  Discussion followed.
Moved by Betz to use the $350 donated by Mr. Mead to put stone around the Recycling lot.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried. 
Betz questioned whether we wanted to have a Township newsletter go out with the tax bills.  Items to be included would be about the Police, the roads and other information.
Discussion followed on the Michigan Tax Tribunal Case with Enbridge Energy LP that Kyt had left.
Motion by Betz to authorize Kyt Hoover to settle for the proposed amount in the manner of the Michigan tribunal Case with Enbridge Energy LP. Noting that fire operating, fire equipment, police and general fund are affected.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Wilson and supported by Betz to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.

Rebecca L. Wilson, Clerk