Springport Township Board Minutes
May, 9, 2016

       Supervisor Schmidt called the regular monthly meeting of the Springport Township Board to order at 7:00 pm in the Township Hall.  All Board Members were present and we had 3 guests. 
       The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Public Comment; Robert Griffin from Jackson Department of Transportation attended the meeting.  He discussed 2016 road projects in Springport, including tests being done on Springport Road. There will be some allotted paving for the Township from the County this year, but exact quantities are not known.  Different options were discussed for roads in really bad shape.
       Mitchell moved to approve the monthly minutes of April 11, 2016 as presented, motion supported by Losey and it passed.
       The Treasurer’s report was given by Losey.  General fund account has a balance of $217,310.80, this includes the CD that was cashed and will be used for road repair and maintenance.  Police checking account has $201,280.35 and fire operating has a balance of $144,173.86 and fire equipment stands at $ 5,000.00.  Schmidt moved to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, supported by Mitchell and it carried.
Mitchell moved to approve post audit police and general fund bills in the amount of $6,813.46 and $136.29, respectively, Losey supported the motion and it carried.
Total for general fund bills to be paid in May is $10,551.33
Mitchell moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $10,551.33 and police bills of $6,946.99, motion supported by Losey and it passed unanimously.
Police report;  Police officers spent 19 hours at the school complex during April.  Officers attended the Driving School hosted by the training consortium, and Officer Russell attended Radar Certification Class.
Committee Reports:  Police Board will meet in June before the Township meeting.
 Planning Committee met last week went over zoning issues, including a blight ordinance and having White & Hotchkiss work on writing one up for the Township.
Fire Board will meet in June.
Supervisor Reports:  Schmidt has talked with White & Hotchkiss and they are still working on the Ordinance book.  Eric White suggested we inter a contract with the Village of Springport  to deal with and enforce  their “Blight Ordinance”, he will write up a contract.
Unfinished business:  Sebastian moved that we give Officer Cain a .03% raise, this will be for her to put towards a retirement of her choosing, motion supported by Mitchell and the motion passed unanimously.
New Business:  Keeler moved to hold a fall clean-up day in October, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.  We will contact trash and recycling companies to get prices and see what we can trash and what is not allowed.
       Sebastian moved to adopt Resolution # 10-6, to Adopt Michigan Township Association’s Retention and Disposal of Records for our use, motion supported by Mitchell.  Upon roll call vote in which the following voted “aye”, the Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.  Those Board members  voting in favor of the resolution were; Sebastian, Mitchell, Losey, Keeler and Schmidt.
      Keeler moved to adopt the County Resolution in the Notification of Release of Right of First Refusal for a foreclosure on Town Road, motion supported by Mitchell and this resolution passed unanimously.
     Sebastian moved to purchase new computer  from Sabre Tech for approximately $700.00 for the Treasurer’s use, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.  Schmidt will take the old computer to Sabre Tech and down load necessary files and install them on the new system.
     Schmidt will attend the meeting on Wednesday concerning the Gang Lakes Inter County Drain System.
     Sebastian moved to purchase new shelves for back supply room for storage of records, etc. motion supported by Keeler and it passed.  Schmidt will have someone repair damaged drywall in the hall.  The Village has a server they would like to sell for $100.00, Schmidt will inquire the age to see if we are interested.
County Commissioners Report:  Lightner reported Commissioner’s news.  There will be a large garage sale and plant sale on May 20-21.  We discussed the passing of the 911 millage.
      Meeting adjourned at 8:30.


Dena Keeler,