Springport Township Board Meeting
May 14th 2012

   The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Supervisor Gaylord Lincoln at 7:00 pm in the Springport Township Hall. Board members present were; Betz, Keeler, Lincoln, Mitchell and Sebastian, five guests were also present.   The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     Marce  Wandell from Jackson County Department of Aging was present to explain about the upcoming millage renewal in August. The renewal of 0.25 of one mill for a period of eight years will be used for the purpose of supportive activities directed toward the provision of senior citizen services.
    Jackson County Commissioner Cliff Herl gave his report, mentioning that the annual meeting for seniors will be held in  the West Wood mall this year, May 17th, and will have a lot of information and events for seniors.  Enbridge Pipe Line will be in our area in the next few weeks repairing and servicing the pipeline.  He also reported that the County is taking bids for the demo of the old Hotel in downtown Jackson, after demo there are plans to put a park there.  Two new 9-11 towers have been erected, one at Clark Lake and the other by the Jackson County Road Commission.
     Phil Emens asked to address the Board in regards to a bill he received for illegal burning within the Township on April 7, 2012.  The Board will look into the matter and give him an answer at the next meeting
     Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of April 9th, 2012, supported by Mitchell and minutes were approved.
     Betz gave the Treasurer’s report, general fund has $91,875.38 in the checking account, $3006.21 in tax account, CD ‘s $ 103,209.96. Police checking account has $ 72,839.11  and COPS fund has $9,152.44, fire operating has $69,992.72 and fire equipment $40,158.67.   Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to accept the Treasurer’s report subject to audit, motion carried.
      State House Representative Mike Shirkey stopped in to our meeting to meet with us and discuss concerns about the State eliminating personal property tax.  On Monday May 21st from 6-8 m at meeting will be held at the Eaton Rapids Hospital in regards to infrastructure funding.
      Betz moved to amend the general fund budget by increasing fund balance by $20,000.00, and increasing  police operating transfers out, increasing Police fund operating transfers in by $20,000.00 and use it in capital outlay,  Sebastian supported the motion and it carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve the post audit police bills in the amount of $16,391.12, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to approve payment of $2,685.02 for the COPS bills, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
Motion by Sebastian to approve general fund bills of $345.90, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
                                                                                                                                                                Total                   $7,655.80
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to approve general fund bills of $7,655.80, motion carried.
Motion to approve police bills of $7,271.39 by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian to approve COPS bills in the amount of $829.82, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
Police Report:  Chief Luce gave the police report.   Officer Cuatt has left the Springport Dept. and accepted full time at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The new patrol car has been purchased and we are waiting for the equipment to be installed. Officer Morofski attended a driving school sponsored by the training consortium at MIS.
A bid for a Taser was distributed to board members.
Committee Reports:
     Police Administration – Clerk will send out meeting notices to  J.Bartley, T. Dake and A. Cooper to remind them of meeting on May 31, at 6:30 pm.
    Planning Commission will meet next month.
Fire Board will meet in June.  Discussion was held concerning upcoming millage renewal for fire.  Sebastian moved to place the fire renewal millage on the November 2012 ballot, Betz supported the motion and it passed.
Sebastian is going to put together a proposal for bids to install a parking lot north of fire barn.
Unfinished Business:
     The “Policy and Procedures” Manual has been completed and will go to our insurance provider for approval, Luce will compose an agreement for all officers to sign stating that they have read and understand the manual.
     Updates concerning Speese’s lawsuit, Keeler will call Mark Hoover’s office to get update.
Board Members comments:
     D. Fleming of Green Meadows Apartments contacted Lincoln this past week and said that they received they have received their tax abatement and remodeling and construction should begin in about 4-6 months.
     Lincoln will meet with Region 2 on the 15th in regards to the Township’s future plans.
     Keeler is to bill for 2 fire runs, one is for burning with no permit and the other is illegal burning.
     Sebastian moved for the township to join FEMA ‘s National Flood Insurance Program  to allow for Federal Disaster assistance, or residents  to receive flood insurance, supported by Betz, motion passed.  Clerk will contact them for the necessary forms.
     Keeler will call for some bids to clean furnace ducts.
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.


Dena Keeler,
Township Clerk