Springport Township Board Meeting
May 9, 2011

The Springport Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Lincoln at 7:03 pm in the Springport Township Hall, board members present were Betz, Mitchell, Sebastian and Keeler, there were 4 guests present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Jackson County Commissioner Cliff Herl announced that he will not be seeking reelection again due to the County reducing the number of Commissioners from 9 to 5. Jackson County is doing hazardous waste collection on June 11 also you can dispose of numerous electronics for $5.00. Marcie Wandell from Jackson County Department of Aging spoke of many services the agency provides to the elderly in Jackson County. In addition to their meals on wheels program they provide assistance in home health care and cleaning and provide advice on Medicare and Medicaid.

Ryan Timiney from MTA was on hand to provide information and answer questions concerning MTA’s new workman’s comp self-insurance fund. Sebastian moved that the Springport Township board accept MTA as our workman’s compensation provider beginning July 1st, 2011, supported by Betz, motion passed.

Sebastian moved to accept the April 11, 2011 board minutes, supported by Mitchell, minutes approved.

Betz gave our treasurer’s report, the General Fund has a balance of $105,147.59 in the checking account, police fund is at $50,607.93 and COPS account is $8,199.41. Motion by Sebastian to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, supported by Mitchell, and the motion passed.
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to approve post audit bills for police fund in the amount of $14,081.32, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian to approve COPS post audit bills of $1,667.46, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.

Sebastian moved to approve general fund post audit bills of $337.33, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.

Lincoln and Sebastian met with Jackson County Road Commissioners, Ken Strab, Steve Tompkins Al Roden and Dave Smith to discuss road maintenance and repair in the Springport Township. Jackson County rates roads on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being in good condition, roads rating of 4-7 is where the focus of repair centers, primary county roads in Springport Township are Pope Church, Crawford and Parma roads. They also discussed tree trimming and the County has 2 crews and there is approximately a 2 year work list. They met with the road Commission and Jackson County Drain Commissioner Jeff Snyder concerning the culvert on Peters Road. Mitchell moved to allow the Township to pay for ½ of the labor to install a new culvert at this location, supported by Keeler, Board Members passed the motion, Sebastian abstained. The Road Commission has agreed to pay for a new culvert (103”x71”) to be installed; cost to be about $10,000.00. Springport Township will pay for ½ of labor and the remaining labor will be split between Jackson Co. Drain and Calhoun Co Drain offices.

Motion by Sebastian to adopt –Resolution # 9-11, Local Road Maintenance with Jackson County Road Commission, supported by Mitchell, followed by roll call vote. The following voted “aye”; Sebastian, Mitchell, Betz, Keeler and Lincoln. Supervisor Lincoln declared the Resolution adopted.

Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to pay General Fund bills in the amount of $6,890.67, motion passed.

Sebastian moved to pay police bills for $11,439.99, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.

Motion by Sebastian to pay COPS bills for $2,295.20, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.

Police Administration Board met but had no new news, Chief Speese’s report was distributed.

Planning Commission has not met.

Fire Board will meet next month.

Motion by Sebastian to table health insurance changes for Speese and Molton until the June meeting, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Keeler moved to pay bill to the Springport Sports, Inc. for $750.00 for invoice 24923 (Muhl Tech) if our auditors say the State of Michigan allows it, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.

Lincoln is going to look into the burnt house on Sibley road and who the owner is so it can be cleaned up.
Mitchell asked about the ditch along Streetor Road, who is responsible for maintaining the ditch? Lincoln will call Jackson Co Rd Commission.

New Business;
Resolution # 10-11- Investment Policies; Sebastian moved to adopt the proposed Investment Policy Resolution, supported by Mitchell. Supervisor called for roll call vote, the following voted “aye”, Sebastian, Mitchell, Betz, Lincoln and Keeler, the Supervisor then declared the resolution adopted.

Lindsay Betz would like to rent the Town Hall for Zumba classes; she would like to use it a few nights a week through the summer. Sebastian moved to rent the hall to Lindsay Betz at $50.00 per week after confirmation of insurance coverage and okay with our insurance carrier, supported by Mitchell, motion passed, with Betz abstaining.

Lincoln will call CSZ Services and check on the status of the reassessing Springport Township area. Supervisor will also look into the vacant house on Pope Church Road, there was a fire on the property recently, but the house is not up to zoning ordinances. Sebastian moved to adjourn at 8:50, meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,
Dena Keeler,