MAY 11, 2009

     The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order on May 11, 2009 by Supervisor Gaylord Lincoln at 7:03pm at the Springport Township Hall. Members present were Sebastian, Lincoln and Keeler, Mitchell and Betz arriving at 7:15, 6 guests were present.
     County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke about new jobs available relating to the upcoming census, fair money to the youth has been cut and the “Senior Festival “May 14, 2009.
  *   Public comments; Tom Bowen has concerns about the “M-99 Sports” and the racing and noise going on during the week and weekends. Lincoln will check noise ordinance to make sure they are in compliance.  Bill Russell asked if the Township has hired a zoning officer and if we haven’t are we going to take applications?  Board will look into funding and ask police employees if they are interested.
Lynn Elmer had concerns about evicting a tenenant and her loose dogs.  He should call 911 concerning the dogs and go to County Court for evection notice.
  *   Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to accept the minutes of April 13th, 2009, motion passed.   Sebastian then moved to accept the election committee minutes, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
 *    Treasurer’s report; General Fund saving account has a balance of $33,030.75 and the checking account has $81,042.45 at this date.  Mitchell moved, supported by Sebastian to accept the treasurer’s report subject to audit, motion passed. 
Betz moved, supported by Sebastian to pay post audit police bills in amount of $4,102.30, motion passed.
Betz moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $495.20, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
  General Fund bills for approval at the May meeting:
Sebastian moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $7,200.51, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.Betz moved to pay police bills in the amount of $9,995.48, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
     Betz gave the police report; 81 complaints, 34 warnings, 27 citations, 8 arrest and 4 assist.  Chief Speese requested permits for Memorial Day and 8-80 days events to close M-99 on a temporary time period.   Couple of B & E’s recently in the township; remember to lock your doors. 
Thank-you letter from Thomas Molton regarding pay raise was read.
*     Committee reports;
 Police Advisory Board didn’t meet.
Planning Commission did not meet.
   * Fire Board did not meet.
   *  Springport Signal reported that they would publish meeting minutes @ .10 cents per word.  Sebastian moved to look at the budget to see if this was economically feasible, supported by Mitchell.  Betz then amended the motion to try publishing the minutes for 2 mos., to see response from the public, Sebastian supported the amendment, this passed.  Original motion also passed.
  *   New business; 
Keeler presented RESOLUTION # 13-0- ROAD MAINTENANCE for adoption, Roll call vote, Betz   “aye”, Mitchell “aye’, Lincoln “aye, Keeler “aye”, Sebastian “aye”. Supervisor Lincoln declared resolution adopted.
   * Police has asked for a credit card, this would eliminate small reimbursement checks and some things could be purchased more efficiently. Sebastian moved supported by Betz to have Chief Speese go to Homestead and apply for a credit card with $2,000.00 limit, motion passes.
    * Keeler would like to order checks for the police department @ $118.50 + shipping and handling, it’s okay to order them.
   *   Lincoln will ask our police employees if anyone is interested in becoming an Ordinance Officer, otherwise we will post an advertisement.  This was moved by Sebastian and supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
    * Board comments;
Sebastian questioned how many hours are they racing at the M-99 Sports, other than weekends?  We also need to check to see if they are charging fees to race/practice at times other than race days.
Lincoln has fixed the signs on the building but hasn’t fixed the ones coming into town yet.
Police car will be placed on Craig’s list, Sebastian has the information.
Mitchell moved, supported by Sebastian to purchase a cigarette butt receptacle to place outside the township office, motion carried.
Mitchell will look into the shelters for police cars to be placed on Village property.
Betz moved to adjourn, Sebastian supported, and we adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Dena Keeler,
Clerk, Springport Township

Please contact the Township Office if you want to continue seeing the minutes published in the paper, 517-857-2030, Thanks