Springport Township Board Minutes
May 14th, 2007

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:00pm at the
Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Mitchell.
Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes. Once approved the tape
will be destroyed.
Members present were Betz, Rybicki, Travioli, Mitchell and Wilson. There were 7 visitors
County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke. The County Administrator is on hold for a year.
Working on goals for the County. The airport property was sold. June 9th is a hazardous material
collection. Travioli had questions regarding the airport property.
The following people wanted to address the board at the end of meeting.
Jeff Mitchell-Police Department-Grants
Tabitha Dake- Wanted to know if anyone has been in contact with Rosie
Jason S.-Citizens Committee for Police Department.
Motion by Rybicki to approve the minutes, supported by Betz. Motion Carried.
Motion by Rybicki to accept and file the Treasures report with $56,927.91 in the Savings and
$40,005.87 in the checking. Supported by Travioli. Motion carried. Betz stated that the Fire Equipment
owes the General Fund $10,055. We will do a CD to General Fund when the delinquent taxes come in.
We found this when we were trying to reconcile year end.
Motion by Rybicki and supported by Betz to approve the following post audit bills. Motion
Township: 47.77
Police: 2697.86
Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to pay the Township bills in the amount of
6,398.49. Motion Carried Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to pay the Police Bills in
the amount of $5,158.06.
Motion by Rybicki and supported by Wilson to pay the Fire Bill in the amout of 6.99. Motion
The Police report has been moved to later due to absence of Chief at the moment.
There was no Planning Commission or Fire Board meeting this month.
Mitchell mailed in contract to Karl on the paving of Crawford and Harshay Rd.
Mitchell spoke to Steve W. He was aware of problems with issuing of permits, occupancy and
zoning issues. Lance told him to check ordinances or have something in writing that says what he did.
Discussion followed on having a check off list.
Rybicki suggested Lance work on a procedure so that things come to the office so we know what
is going on with permits, varience etc. Rybicki suggested talking with Bill Russell who had previously
offered help. Mitchell agreed. Mitchell stated he would check with Steve Ward and see what he has to
turn into other townships.
Wilson contacted Willabee for a quote of $1,865 on the concrete, Consumers Concrete $1,580
and Shaffers was $2,014.
Rybicki stated that it would be good to put the slab at the back of the lot near the pole and to the
back alley way. Discussion followed on the right of way through there . The Fire Department is
interested in helping with the cement.
Wilson stated she called Kebs for a quote on a survey of the lot. The quote was $750. Discussion
followed on the surveying so we know exactly where the lot is with putting the cement slab on it. Betz
suggested getting who did the bank lot.
Motion by Rybicki to check for two more prices for surveying and take the best price. Supported
by Betz. Motion carried.
Rybicki spoke with Pat Henne in regards to the FFA farm stand. FFA was given permission to
put the stand on the lot. Rybicki stated we need some gravel brought in for the lot.
Motion by Rybicki to cap 60 yards of gravel to fill in the lot at Merritts. Discussion followed.
Supported by Betz . Motion carried.
MCI has not returned a call on the Insurance with price.
Motion by Betz to do the liquid dust control at $5,650. Supported by Rybicki. Mitchell stated he
had a complaint that Elmer Rd never gets done. Karl stated that Elmer does receive the brine. Motion
The county sent papers in regards to the roadside pickup. Motion by Wilson to choose #3 option
where they pick up the trash and take to the incineraton Supported by Betz. Motion carried.
Wilson stated that Jim Bradford went to a ZBA Training Class. He wanted to share the
information he received with the board.
Chief Speese arrived and gave his report. Department is doing walk throughs with businesses due
to several harassment complaints. Chief also received complaints on a mud bogging event that took place
on Town Rd. Chief would like to propose a Special Events Ordinance to be adopted by the Board.
Discussion followed. Jim Wardius also was given this information to see if this falls under zoning in any
way. The proposed Ordinance was tabled to next meeting so the Board could review it. It looks as
though they plan to do something for Memorial Day. Discussion followed.
Kyt will not be in on Thursday this week, she will be here Friday instead.
Jason turned in his Ordinance report. There are 3 cases open currently 30 cases have been closed
so far.
Rybicki set up a meeting with Parma-Sandstone in regards to Police to possibly make a combined
Department. They want to make sure Board is behind the possibility of a joint venture. Next meeting is 5-
23 @ 6:30.
Rybicki called for Roll call for support of Mutual Police Dept. Upon Roll call the following
voted aye: Betz, Travioli, Mitchell, Wilson and Rybicki. Motion carried.
Wilson presented board with information on the illegal burn. Chief Cox got information to
Wilson. Cost will be $500 per Ordinance. Wilson will get help from Bill Russell with the billing.
Rybicki suggested Jason deliver the fine.
The floor was opened to public comment.
Jeff M. has information on Police grants. Jeff gave the information to Mitchell.
Jason S. asked about a citizens committee for the police department.
Karl S. would like to have the Road Commission put 3 applications of brine on the dirt roads
instead of the Chloride. Roads will be grated before applications. This as an experimental thing. Cost
would be the same. The Board agreed to the brine.
They did receive the contract for Harshey Rd. Hopefully will start work on that soon. Travioli
questioned Harshey Rd. County does not pick roads per Karl. They recommend roads to the Township.
Discussion followed.
Rybicki asked if we could contract out for asphalt. It can be done, but the county covers $50,000
a year of the project.
Bill R. agrees with police idea. Need to look at Ordinance for the Mud Bogging. Should get a
Certificate of Insurance. The Township should be additionally insured.
Motion by Betz to adjourn the meeting. Supported by Rybicki. Meeting adjourned at 8:40.