March 9th, 2009

                The Budget meeting was called to order by Deputy Supervisor James Wardius at 7:08 pm, at the Springport Township Hall.  Deputy Supervisor James Wardius stated that the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes and the tape will be destroyed once the minutes are approved. 
                Wardius stated that he was appointed Deputy Supervisor due to Gaylord Lincoln being out of town.  Becky Wilson is here as Deputy Clerk in the absence of the Clerk, Dena Keeler.
                Bill Russell expressed concern about the Deputy Supervisor.  Wardius explained that the Deputy’s are not able to vote on the matters/resolutions, according to the Clerk’s guide.  Bill Russell also stated that the Deputy’s can’t moderate or vote at a meeting according to the Little Red Book. (See page 31 of book).
                Wardius stated he has been coming up to the township and answering phone calls and doing other things needed.  
                Wilson read the information that she found in the Clerk’s book.  The Clerk’s book states that Deputy Township officials are authorized to act as the elected official in the event of the official’s absence, sickness, death or other disability.  A deputy may not, however, vote as a member of the township board.  With the official’s approval and the consent of the township board, a deputy may assist the elected official at any additional times agreed to by the board and the official.
                Motion by Sebastian and supported by J. Mitchell to have Betz run the meeting in the absence of the Supervisor.  Discussion followed.  Motion carried
                Betz declared the Budget meeting open.  Wilson wanted to let the Board know that the wages were changed in the Planning Commission.  The wages were increased to $4800 and mileage was decreased to $200.  The bottom line figure is the same.  The Planning Commission members will be paid $50 per meeting with the Secretary getting $55 per meeting. 
                Members present were J. Mitchell, T. Betz and J. Sebastian. Members absent were G. Lincoln and D. Keeler.  Deputy Clerk R. Wilson and Deputy Supervisor J. Wardius were also present.  There were 6 visitors present.
                Bill Russell expressed concern about the pay of the Supervisor.   He also stated there is over $7000 in wage increases for the board.  He asked about the Deputy Supervisor pay.
                Again Wardius stated the things that he has done while the Supervisor is absent.   
                Russell stated that the Roads have had $18,000 taken from that budget.  Betz stated that the County is not matching funds for the Roads this year. Betz stated that the Sibley Rd payments were made 1 year ahead of time. 
                Jeff Erickson also agrees with Bill Russell and doesn’t feel that there should be raises in a time like this.                                             
                J. Sebastian stated the old Supervisor was being paid almost $12,000.  The Supervisor now is getting paid less. 
                Betz stated that the Treasurer has been getting paid the same amount for the past 6 years.  In that time there has been a summer tax collection added and there was not an increase in pay.  The Board had asked for an increase to $15,000 and Betz dropped it to $13,000.   Wilson stated that Betz has done a good job for the Township by moving the monies and getting the best interest he possibly could for the Township. 
                J. Sebastian questioned if the pay could be lowered after being in office.  Betz stated that it could not be lowered while the person is in office, unless the person requests a decrease in pay.  Discussion followed. 
                Wilson stated that right now we are passing the budget and that there are separate resolutions for the Township officials pay.
                Resolution 2-09 Resolution to Adopt the Township Budget offered by J. Sebastian and supported by J. Mitchell.  Roll call: aye; J. Sebastian, J. Mitchell, T. Betz. Absent: G. Lincoln and D. Keeler.  The Treasurer declared the Resolution adopted.
                Resolution 3-09 Resolution to Adopt the Police Budget offered by J. Mitchell and supported by J. Sebastian.  Roll call: aye; J. Mitchell, T. Betz, J. Sebastian.  Absent: G. Lincoln and D. Keeler.  The Treasurer declared the Resolution adopted.
                Betz pointed out that currently there is no Fire millage.
                Resolution 4-09 Resolution to Adopt the Fire Budget offered by J. Sebastian and supported by J. Mitchell.  Roll call: aye; T. Betz, J. Sebastian, J. Mitchell.   Absent: G. Lincoln and D. Keeler.  The Treasurer declared the Resolution adopted.
                Betz declared the Budget meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm.      


                                                                                                Rebecca L. Wilson, Deputy Clerk