Springport Township Board Meeting
June 11th, 2012

     Our monthly Township meeting was called to order by Supervisor Lincoln at 7:05 pm.   Board members present were Betz, Lincoln, Keeler and Mitchell, Sebastian arrived at 7:20, and we had 5 guests present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     There was no public comment.
      Mitchell moved to approve the minutes of May 14th, 2012 motion supported by Betz and the minutes were approved.
      The treasurer’s report was given by Betz.  General Fund checking account has $101,066.82, Police account has $60,562.68, COPS account $8,144.28, fire operating has $70,052.17 and fire equipment has $40,158.67.  Mitchell moved to approve the treasurer’s report for audit, supported by Keeler, motion passed.
Betz moved to approve post audit police bills in the amount of $4,675.48, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Motion by Betz, supported by Mitchell to approve post audit bills for the COPS Fund in the amount of $2,685.02, motion carried.
Betz moved to approve the general fund post audit bills of $104.09, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Betz to approve the general fund bills in the amount of $5,747.98, motion supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to pay police bills of $11,255.44, supported by Betz, motion passed.
Motion by Betz to pay COPS bills of $1,699.67, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Betz moved to pay Fire bills in the amount of $16,875.00, Mitchell supported this motion and it carried.
Police Report from Dave Luce;
Lt. Molton was able to obtain confession in regards to the UDAA of the village pick-up truck.  One taser was purchased for the police department and all department personnel have been trained in its use.  Memorial Day Parade went well Thanks to everyone involved in helping.  The number of complaints in the Township in May was higher than 2011, by 12, so far, every month has shown an increase in calls for service from last year.
     The Police Administration Board report was given by Betz, they discussed our ongoing lawsuit with former Chief Speese. Discussion was held concerning upcoming police millage proposal, when is the best date to place it on the ballot?
     There was no report from the Planning Commission.
     Fire Board will meet Monday June 18th.
 Unfinished Business:
      Keeler moved to charge Emens $300.00 for his fire call involving illegal burning on April 7, 2012, amount of bill was reduced due to the fact the Board believed the intent was to not burn rubbish/trash, however the fire was left smoldering and restarted after dark, which resulted from several village complaints, motion supported by Sebastian, motion carried, Mitchell abstained.
      Luce is going to get with Mitchell and make some disks which will contain the “Policy & Procedures Manual”, we will then send them to White & Hotchkiss and our insurance carrier.
     Betz moved to hire Ductz to clean furnace ducts in the hall for $856.08, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
     Sebastian moved to Adopt Resolution # 7-12 Permit pricing and procedures, supported by Mitchell,  upon roll call vote the following voted “aye” Sebastian, Mitchell, Lincoln, Betz and Keeler.  Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.
      Motion by Sebastian to adopt Resolution 8-12 Flood Plain Development, supported by Mitchell, the following voted “aye”, Sebastian, Mitchell, Betz, Keeler and Lincoln,.  Lincoln declared the resolution adopted.
     A representative from Green Meadows was on hand to bring us up to date concerning the renovation of the apartment complex on Green Street.  They are planning over $1,000,000.00 in renovations to be completed in the next year or so.  Resolution # 9-12 to Extend the Pilot Plan for Green Meadows Apartments was offered by Board member Sebastian and supported by Mitchell, upon roll call vote in which all board members voted “aye” the Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.
New Business:
      Lincoln gave summary of letter we received from the Jackson County Road Commission, in regards to maintaining  and repairing roads, the letter discussed what JCRC could pay for and what the Townships would have to contribute to up keep the roads.
     Betz moved to approve payment for T. Molton ‘s Medicare insurance of approximately $100.00 per month, this will be has secondary insurance until he retires from the Township, Keeler supported the motion and it carried.
     Sebastian stated that he put a proposal together for bids for a parking lot on the fire department’s land north of the fire barn.  Bids are due June 18th, 7:00 pm at the fire barn.
     Sebastian moved to  adjourn at 8:15, meeting adjourned.

Dena Keeler,
Township Clerk