Springport Township Board Meeting
Minutes of June 17th, 2010

     The June meeting of the Springport Township Board meeting was called to order at 7:01 in the Springport Township hall on June 17th, 2010. Board members present were: Sebastian, Keeler, Mitchell and Lincoln, Betz arrived at 7:12.  There were no visitors present.
     Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     County Commissioner Cliff Herl was not present to give his report at this meeting.
      Sebastian moved supported by Mitchell to accept the minutes of May10, 2010, motion passed.
      Treasurer Betz reported $135,536.80 in the checking account, Sebastian moved to accept the treasurer’s report subject to audit, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Sebastian moved to approve payment of post audit General Fund bills in the amount of $1,541.63, supported by Mitchell , motion passed.
Motion by Mitchell to approve payment of post audit Police bills in the amount of  $10,184.20, this was supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to approve payment , supported by Mitchell ,for COPS post audit bills in the amount of $3,510.68, motion passed.
A motion was made by Sebastian to pay $4,745.75 for general fund bills, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to pay police bills for the amount of $4,443.41, motion carried.
Motion was made by Sebastian to pay the fire bills of 26,200.00 supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
The clerk will rebill rescue calls to those not living in the Township and fire calls for unlawful burning with a note that if they don’t contact us about payment the matter will be turned over to our lawyer.
 Committee Reports;
    Police Board/report;  Mitchell gave the police report and stated that radios have been ordered for cars, the third car is running and is used for ordinances or during shift changes if needed.  He also said computer in the car is working great.
      Lincoln read a letter from Chief Speese about some problems with their current location and a suggestion to move their office behind the Village Offices in a spare room.  The Board requested him to put some cost together for any remodeling that would need to be completed and to check local/state handicap assessable guidelines and building permits, then get back to us.
    The Planning Board hasn’t met again, Betz asked about extra books, they will be available after all approvals have gone through.
     No fire board meeting this month.
Unfinished Business:
      The reassessing contractor has sent out cards to section one home owners that they will be out inspecting properties in the near future.
      The solar light for flagpole is still on back order, we’ll check again in July.
New Business:
     Betz moved for the Township to adopt “Resolution # 11-10- Credit-Card use”, supported by Sebastian, after the following having voted “aye” Betz, Sebastian, Keeler, Mitchell and Lincoln, the Supervisor declared the resolution be adopted.
     Betz inquired about the possibility of the Township paving some gravel roads in the future. Possible in two-three years with a beginning on McClellan road.
     Keeler moved to give Chief Speese a $500.00 per year increase in pay to begin April of 2010, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
   Board member comments:
      Keeler reported that Dove & Hickey had been in to do their 2-year audit, waiting on results.  The State Election Board requires all clerks to be notarized, Keeler will get hers as soon as arrangement has been made with the insurance company for bonding.  Keeler also asked about Board Policy for paying deputy clerks,  deputy  treasurers, or election officials to attend training, we should pay them.
     Mitchell stated that the Neighborhood Watch Program will have a booth set up in front of the Bank during 8-80 Days.
Sebastian moved to adjourn at 8:10, supported by Betz meeting adjourned.
Respectively submitted,

Dena Keeler, clerk