JUNE 8, 2009

Springport Township Board meeting was called to order. Members present were Lincoln, Sebastian, Keeler, Mitchell and Betz.  There were 5 visitors present
County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on County’s approved program to neuter animals in the shelter.  The Jackson Co Airport project, and the state road project replacing the Rice Creek culvert on M-99
Public Comment: T. Bowen voiced concerns about the M-99 Power Sports.    Lincoln stated we have an Ordinance Officer now and he would be taking care of any concerns or problems.
Mitchell moved and Sebastian supported to approve the meeting minutes of May 11, 2009, motion passed.
Mitchell moved, supported by Sebastian to approve the treasurer’s report subject to audit, motion passed.

Sebastian moved to pay G.G. post audit bills in the amount of $104.60, supported by Mitchell, passed.

Mitchell moved to pay police post audit bills in the amount of $3,762.94, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.
                                                                                        Total                       $5,563.26
Sebastian moved to pay General Fund bills totaling $5,563.26, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Springport/Clarence Fire Board                        $23,500.00
Rescues -  32 totaling  $10,400.00
Fire runs – 12 totaling $8,100.00

Sebastian moved to transfer $2,000.00 from General Fund into fire account and to loan the Fire account $4,000.00 from General Fund, supported by Mitchell.   Motion passed.  This would make total amount of bills payable in the general fund $11,563.26.  Mitchell moved, supported by Betz to pay Fire bill in the amount of $23,500.00, motion passed.

Police report;  Officer Kacos has been appointed to handle all Ordinance complaints, the number to call is 530-730-3711.  There has been no money from the Village regarding their portion of Police Operating money.  Lincoln will meet with them and discuss the contract and payment.

Committee Report;    Sebastian reported on the Planning committee meeting, they met with Region II.

Fire Board will meet Monday June 14, 2009.

Other Business  Our Building and Mechanical Inspector has resigned, Lincoln will ask the Parma inspector if he is interested in becoming our building inspector,  C. Deconnick has agreed to pick up the mechanical inspecting, but would like $80.00 per month to cover training/education fees., if the Board approves.  Keeler moved, supported by Sebastian to ask Parma inspector Unger to handle building inspections and Deconnick to pick the mechanical, motion passed.
     Sebastian is working with D. Brown (zoning inspector) on permit handling.      The Jackson Co. Road Commission will be placing brine on gravel roads soon.
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to amend “Ordinance # 26-Outdoor Gatherings”, by dropping the bond requirement needed to host an event,  the Ordinance will now asks that a Minimum of $1,000,000.00 insurance policy be on file at the Township Office along with the $25.00 license .  Roll call vote: “aye”, Lincoln, Betz, Mitchell, Sebastian and Keeler.  Ordinance amendment passed.
     Police carport is on hold.
M.T.A. asked the Township to accept a Resolution, “Principals of Governance”,  Upon a motion by Sebastian and supported by Mitchell a roll call vote was given, The following voted “aye”, Betz, Sebastian, Mitchell, Keeler and Lincoln. Resolution was declared adopted.
      M-99 Sports owner Ericson stated that the race track was charging a fee, for maintenance, for practicing at the site.  Board member comments;   Betz is concerned about the fire and rescue runs and how much it is costing the Township.  We may have to bill for some runs.
     We will continue publishing minutes in the Signal for the May and June meetings.
 Sebastian moved to adjourn, supported by Mitchell, meeting adjourned at 8:10.

Respectively submitted

Dena Keeler,