Springport Township Board Meeting

July 9, 2018

   Springport Townships regular monthly meeting was called to order by Supervisor Schmidt at 7:00 July 9th, 2018.  Board members present were: Losey, Mitchell, Sebastian and Schmidt, Riehle was absent and 2 guests.

      The Pledge o Allegiance was recited.

      Sandy Langston was present; she was representing her husband Terry Langston who is running for Jackson County Board of Commissioners, District 1.  Ms. Langston presented her husband’s platform and left contact information on him.

      Sebastian moved to accept June’s board minutes, motion was supported by Mitchell and it passed.

     Losey gave the treasurer’s report. General fund has a balance of $301,333.60, police account has a balance of $ 221,724.99 and fire operating $150,355.87and fire equipment account has a balance of $36,828.71. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report for audit by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.

     Mitchell approved a budget amendment to increase 207—301-939-000, vehicle maint. and repair by $1000.00 and decrease 207-301-970-000, capital outlay by $1,000.00, supported by Sebastian, motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Sebastian and supported by Mitchell to approve post audit bills for the general fund in the amount of $80.38 and police post audit bills of $4,988.33, all board members voted “aye”.

Mitchell moved to approve payment of general fund bills of $9,258.69, police bills in the amount of $10,674.75 and fire bills of $99.16, motion supported by Schmidt, and motion passed unanimously

     Police Report: Officer Cain gave the police report.  Things have been quiet in the township, nothing major to report.  “Springport Days” went well with a good crowd in town.

     Committee Reports:  Fire Board report was given by Sebastian. Chief Ott would like to purchase a stationary water gun that could be operated by one person. The Fire Board approved the purchase of the gun for $1,250.00.

The Board also discussed the possibility of requesting a milage for new fire barn. Plans and option have just begun and a are few years out.

     Assessor’s report:  Schmidt reported that the treasurer and assessor records balanced. BOR is scheduled to meet on July 17th at 5:30.

     Unfinished business:  IT quote was $1,300, but no installation date has been set as of this time.

Trash/clean-up day went well.

Board member comments:  Losey asked about construction of the door, Contractor has not contacted us with date yet.

    Sebastian has the soil reports on the section of Springport Road that is closed. Jackson County Road Dept. is not sure on the method to fix this road.

     Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Respectively submitted  

Dena Keeler-

Deputy Clerk