Springport Township Board Meeting
July 11th, 2011

     The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:03 pm in the Springport Township Hall, members present were Mitchell, Betz, Lincoln, Keeler, and Sebastian arrived at 7:35, there were 2 guests present.
      Report from Jackson County Commissioner Cliff Herl.  Mr. Herl state that the 2nd floor of the Jackson County Tower Building was now complete and looked great.  The Commissioners passed the 2012 budget and the County Treasurer’s Office and Register of Deeds will be combined beginning on Jan 1st, 2013.
      Public Comment; Mr. Russell spoke of his concerns regarding the Ordinance Officer, chain of commands and the follow through on some issues.
     Betz moved to approve June 13th minutes as corrected, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
     Treasurer’s report by Betz, the General Fund $91,416.39 in the checking account, police account has $29,771.53, $198,547.99 in CD’s and fire equipment has $39,396.18 and operating is at $57,254.95.  Betz will cash the First National Bank CD and deposit it in Homestead Bank for some upcoming bills.  Mitchell moved to accept the treasurer’s report, supported by Betz, motion carried.
Betz moved to approve post audit police bills in the amount of $10,910.46, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Betz to approve the COPS post audit bills for $2,715.92, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Betz moved, supported by Mitchell to approve the post audit general fund bills of $487.85, motion passed.
Motion was made by Betz to approve General Fund bills in the amount of $8,780.67, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to pay all police bills in the amount of $ 7,491.90, supported by Betz, motion carried.
Betz moved, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of COPS bills for $831.16, motion passed.
      Police report was presented and discussed. Betz moved to switch batteries in police cars, this would provide a good battery in the oldest car and purchase a new battery for one car, then place the old car for sale at $2,000.00.  The price to be reduced by $50.00 each week until it’s sold, supported by Keeler, motion passed. Police Administration’s next meeting will be Aug. 4th.
     The Planning Commission is still waiting for Region 2 for final copies of Master Plan.
     Fire Board received bid for new tanker truck at over $330,000.00.  Clarence Township will pay for hydrant at Prairie Lake and for repair of hydrant at Duck Lake.
Unfinished Business;
     We are still working on quotes for insurance coverage for Speese and Molton. This is tabled until the August meeting.
     Lincoln will contact Jackson County Road Commission concerning contract for asphalt wedge on Town and Brown roads.
     The culvert for Peters Road has been delivered and Sebastian expects to have it installed by the end of July.
     Mitchell reported that Bailey’s bid for the recycle lot is now $1,560.00 due to the cost of mobilization.  This quote would be for crushed asphalt to be placed on drive at recycle lot, it is a trip/fall hazard now.  Sebastian moved to hire Bailey’s to repair drive, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
      Betz reported on the Pierson Cemetery, cadaver dogs and their trainers came and located unmarked grave sites.  They will make up a map of their findings.  Keeler moved to reimburse Betz for their lunches and some gas money he gave them, supported by  Mitchell, motion carried.
      MTA has pulled their workman’ comp quote and withdrawn their commitment, we are again looking for a carrier.
Board Member Comments;
     Betz reported that State Revenue sharing has been decreased due to drop in population, at a possible loss of $10,000.00 per year to the Township.
     Mitchell is concerned with the condition of 30 Mile Road, Lincoln and Sebastian to contact Calhoun Co road Commission concerning repairs
     Sebastian moved to adjourn at 8:15, meeting adjourned.


Dena Keeler,
Township Clerk