JULY 12, 2010

     The July 12, 2010 meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:05 pm in the Springport Township Hall. Board members present were J. Mitchell, G. Lincoln, D. Keeler and T. Betz, J. Sebastian was absent, we had 4 guests present.
     County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke concerning the Sherriff Dept purchasing no trespassing signs and the number of prisoners they are housing at the Jackson jail. He also reported about the 130 foot tower being put up at the Cascades, corner of High St. and Randolph, and TRIAD is putting a seminar on for Senior Citizens to help them to protect themselves.  The Road Commission has purchased a large supply of salt at a good price if townships are interested.
      Rosalee Terpening, Manager of the Springport Village Council presented to the Board a letter stating the Village’s firing of SCMCCI who handles all of the Village’s building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits and inspections. The Village Council is asking the Springport Township Board to manage all new permits and inspections, she has contacted Rod Thurow and our inspectors who have stated they would take on the additional inspections.
      Mitchell moved to accept the minutes of June 17th, 2010 as presented, Betz supported the motion and it passed.
      Betz reported $141,092.28 in the General Fund checking account, the savings account is closed.  Keeler moved to accept the treasurer’s report subject to audit, Mitchell supported, motion passed.  Betz moved to purchase 2-$20,000.00 CD’S and 1-$10,000.00 CD from the First National Bank, CD’s would expire in 2 years, Keeler supported the motion, motion passed.
Betz moves to approve the general fund bills for $581.05, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Betz moved, supported by Mitchell to approve police post audit bills for $6,266.58, motion carried.
Motion by Betz, supported by Mitchell to approve COPS bills for $2,072.24, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to pay bills in the general fund account for $10,530.33, supported by Betz, motion passed.
Motion by Mitchell, supported by Betz to pay police bills in the amount of $5,680.30, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to pay COPS bills in the amount of $1,438.44, supported by Betz, motion passed.
Police Report: Lincoln gave the police report.  T. Molton sent a letter to the Board requesting a retirement package for him, with possible available funds from the COPS Grant, money designated for  insurance premiums has been reduced considerably. 
Betz moved to give Molton  .03% of his yearly salary in a retirement annuity through Farm Bureau, if the Federal Grant Guidelines allow this change in pay structure, motion supported by Keeler, motion  passed.
      Discussion was held concerning the request by Springport Township Police Dept to move out of the Homestead Bank building  and into the rear of the Village Office.  Gordon Webb from the Village stated that moving into the Village Building would have no effect on their matching funds with the Township and that they have no problem with the move.  The Township decided to discuss this situation further in executive session.   Board entered executive session at 7:47 pm. 
Board came out of executive session at 7:54, meeting resumed.  Keeler moved to table decision on police moving into the Village office until the August meeting, supported by Betz, motion approved
Planning Commission: Tom Bowen reported the master plan should be back to the committee in August, and a public hearing has been set for August.
Fire board:  Lincoln gave brief summary of fire board meeting, they are concerned with high number of rescue calls and high expense being accrued.
New Business:  K. Hoover, out Township Assessor has requested the purchase of APEX Software for her assessing work, cost is $436.00. CZS will help train her and it should be a great help in drawing buildings onto computer cards.  Keeler moved to allow Hoover to purchase the APEX software, supported by Betz motion passed.
     Mitchell moved to adjourn at 8:15, meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,


Dena Keeler,
Township clerk