Springport Township Minutes
July 13, 2009

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order by Supervisor Lincoln at 7:04 p.m. at the Springport Township Hall. Board Members present were Sebastian, Lincoln, Mitchell, Betz and Keeler.  Six guests attended.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke concerning animal shelter spay program for cats and dogs and the land swap between City and County.
No public comment.

Sebastian moved to approve the June board minutes, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Mitchell moved, supported by Sebastian to approve the treasurer’s report subject to audit, motion passed.  We have $33,036.51 in saving account and $77,403.19 in General Fund checking.

Betz moved, supported by Sebastian to pay police post audit bills for the amount of  $6,879.75, motion carried.

Betz moved, supported by Mitchell to pay general fund bills in the amount of $515.24, motion carried.

Sebastian moved to pay general fund bills amount of $5,435.94, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.

Betz moved, supported by Mitchell to pay police bills in the amount of $4,870.72, motion carried.
No fire bills.

Police Report  Betz reported 82 complaints, 41 warning, 22 citations, 8 arrest and 5 assist.  Please remember to lock your vehicles due to break-ins, liquor inspections were completed for May.  Any persons found trespassing on farm land damaging crops will be charged.

Committee Reports;
Police Administration Board – regards to contract with the Village.  Betz moved to allow Lincoln to meet with White & Hotchkiss and work on an agreement which both the Village and Township will agree with, maximum to be spent on lawyer fees   is to be $500.00, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.  Lincoln will contact the Village to see what they would agree to and contact White & Hotchkiss.
Planning Commission – Sebastian stated the Board will meet July 14, 2009 to continue working on master plan.
Fire Board – Mitchell reported that the Fire Board wouldn’t be purchasing carbon dioxide detectors due to liability it could cause if malfunction or misuse, their insurance wouldn’t cover for them.  Also reported that Consumer Energy will pay for any call over 2 hours.
Mr. & Mrs. Ruolf questioned a bill received regarding a  fire call on Brown Road. Fire Chief told him because the burning began in an approved container then accidently became out of hand that there would be no charge, at this point Betz moved to waive bill, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.

New Business
Keeler moved to hire Donald Munster as part-time police officer at $12.00 per hour, no insurance or vacations, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.

Keeler moved to raise the Chairman of the Election Inspectors salary to $11.00 per hour, due to extra responsibilities, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.

The Board will look at the budget after August elections and make adjustments as needed.

There is a house on Gibbs Road which will require additional building and mechanical inspections, when these are billed to the Township we will bill home owner.

Mitchell is working on fixing the broken  outside water spigot.  He will also look into replacing mortar under concrete at the west door.
Sebastian moved to adjourn, supported by Keeler, Meeting adjourned at 8:00.