July 10, 2006

            Supervisor Lance Mitchell called the regular meeting of the Springport Township Board to order at 7:01 PM at the Springport Township Hall.  Members present were T. Betz, J. Travioli, L. Mitchell, S. Rybicki and R. Wilson.  There were 2 visitors present.
            County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on various issues, including a resolution to establish Land Bank Authority, millage for Jackson Transportation, a resolution to regionalize Homeland Security and also an ordinance for street name and addresses.  Consumers will be doing training on the ordinance.  This would be for building inspectors and assessors.
            Wilson stated the minutes are being recorded for the purpose to assist with the minutes.  The tape will be destroyed after the minutes are approved.
            Motion by Betz to approve the June 12 minutes.  Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried. 
            Motion by Rybicki the June 28 Special Meeting minutes.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried.
            Motion by Wilson to accept and file the Treasurers report with $60,949.41 in the savings and $729.93 in the checking.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried. 
            Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to pay the Township bills in the amount of $4,424.63.  Motion carried
            Motion by Rybicki and supported by Betz to pay the Police bills in the amount of $10,732.91.  Motion carried. 
            Rybicki stated there is no Police report due to the situation at the bank. 
            There was no Planning Commission meeting this month. 
            Rybicki reported on the FireBoard meeting.  Motion by Rybicki to raise the Fire Department training to $10.00 an hour.  Supported by Wilson.  Discussion followed.  Moved by Betz to table to next meeting to see election results.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.
            Clarence Township requested a copy of our ordinance for fire runs.  Wilson will fax to them.  The Fire Department is passing out signs for support during 8-80 days.  The new doors are on the Fire Department.  The department paid for one and the village paid for one.  The FireBoard did request that L. Mitchell attend the FireBoard meetings.  There was also discussion about a lean-to, waiting to hear from Village on this.     
Rybicki reported on a car being needed for the Police Department.  There was discussion on a lease.  A new car ready to go with lights and etc. is $26,000.  Mike checked into a lease and said it would cost about $2800 in interest.  Discussion followed about contacting the County and State to see if we could get a better price.  Mike is looking to get just one car now.  We are currently not looking to retire either of the cars. 
Rybicki stated the bank is hoping to open on Wednesday.  The Department has been a mess during the remodel.
Rybicki also reported on the Ordinance officer.  4 warnings have been issued.   Jason would like to set up a phone line for complaints.  Wilson asked the Board about pay for the Ordinance officer.  Motion by Rybicki to pay the Zoning/Ordinance officer $12.00 an hour.   Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried.  Discussion followed on mileage.  The Township is paying the Police Department .32 cents a mile for the officer using the police car.  The mileage would be paid once a month.
Lance called Carl S. in regards to the road proposals but he did not return his call.  Tabled to next month.
Lance asked the Board if we are willing to pay part of the bill for the fence.  Discussion followed.  DPW authorized it.  Lance will talk with Mr. Yoder and get back with the Board.
Wilson presented the Board with wording to go with all Permits and Applications.  Rod would rather use a stamp and stamp all the permits.  Discussion followed on how the application process takes place.  Wilson will get with Rod and report back to the Board.  The Board would like to stay with the paper, because the stamp would be after the fact that they have paid.  Also what is the time frame on permits.
Wilson presented the Board with a Hall Rental form.  JoAnn is willing to work with us on the Building use form.  Discussion followed on collecting a deposit on non-profit organizations.  Wilson will get copies to JoAnn to start using.
Mitchell was asked if he attended the Downtown Development Meeting and he stated he did not.  Boomers Property is tabled to next meeting.
Lance spoke to Rod in regards to the increase in pay for phone bill.  Rod is asking for $5.00 a month for his phone bill.  Discussion followed.  Moved by Betz to pay $50.00 a year for phone bill out of utilities.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.
Rybicki stated he found out from MTA that we could have a millage and a Special Assessment at the same time.  There is a lady in Jackson who would come to the next meeting if we would like her to.  Steve will ask her to come to the next meeting.
Lance received a memo from Kyt regarding the Tax Tribunal and Green Meadows.  Kyt is suggesting that we refund Green Meadows.  Discussion followed.  Lance will get with Kyt and report back. 
Lance received a memo from M-Dot that they will be coming in and looking at the building and structure and noting any problems before work is started on M-99.  This was done today.
Mock Disaster Drill on July 28th asked to contact the Health Department if interested.
Library sent a proposal to Lance on the possible plans as to where it would be. 
Lance also received a letter from Quinlan Publishing Group on a subscription for different Grants available.  Discussion followed.  Due to cost the Board is not interested.  
Wilson gave the Board members papers on upcoming Training with MTA.  Discussion followed. 
Betz stated that the Tax bills would be out tomorrow.
Motion by Rybicki to adjourn the meeting.  Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:31 PM.