Springport Township Board Meeting
Jan. 13, 2014

     The regular monthly meeting of the Springport Board Members was called to order by Supervisor Schmidt at 7:00 pm. in the township hall.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Board members present were; Schmidt, Betz,  Mitchell, Keeler arrived at 7:11 and Sebastian was absent, we had 15 guests present.  There was no public comment.
      Betz moved to accept the December 9th minutes, motion supported by Mitchell, motion passed. Betz then moved to also accept the special meeting minutes of Dec. 18th, supported by Mitchell and it also passed.
      Betz gave the treasurer’s report.  General fund checking account has $123,785.88, police account has $27,701.71 and fire operating account has a balance of $11,221.09 and fire equipment a balance of $40,480.91. A motion was made by Schmidt to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
     Sarah Lightner, Jackson Co. Commissioner gave comments of the County Commissioners’ meeting.  A concern with the County is the impact the new VA Disability Act for property taxes and how it will impact county and townships.
Betz moved to approve payment of post audit police bills in the amount of $6,461.83, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Motion by Betz, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of general fund post audit bills in the amount of
$ 224.37, motion carried.
 Betz moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $14,062.00, motion supported by Mitchell, carried unanimously.
Motion by Betz, supported by Mitchell to pay police bills of $14,969.76, motion passed unanimously.
Mitchell moved to amend the general fund budgets by decreasing building maintenance by $5,000.00 and increasing building inspection wages by $5,000.00, decreasing equipment by $75.00 and increasing insurance by$75.00, also to increase police membership by $75.00 and decrease police insurance by $40.00, Betz supported the motion and it carried.
Police Report by Chief Luce;
Chief Luce reported that officers had spent about 12 hours at the schools during the month of December.  The E-Ticket project is running a bit behind schedule due to software issue, but hopefully will be in operation by the end of the month.  LEIN audit went well with the exception of a couple of IT issues from Jackson Co.
Committee Reports:
Police committee will meet in Feb.
Planning Commission did not meet
Fire Board will have a special meeting on the 27th of Jan, a follow up with concerns with Fire Chief.  Spencer manufacturing has accepted Springport Township’s proposal to pay cash directly to Spencer for fire pumper/tanker truck and not to finance with outside lender.
Schmidt gave copies to board members of the assessors’ State Tax Commissions’ L-4018R report for equalized  valuation.
      There was no unfinished business.
New Business:
   The request from Coleman DeConick our plumbing and mechanical inspector for a raise in monthly contract fee and inspections was tabled until we can incorporate it into our new fiscal year budget.
    Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.
Dena Keeler,