Springport Township Board Minutes
January 8th, 2007

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at
the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Mitchell.
Members present Travioli, Betz, Wilson and Mitchell. Rybicki was absent. There
were 10 visitors.
Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes. Once approved
the tape will be destroyed.Rybicki arrived at 7:02
County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on many issues. Steve Shotwell was recently
voted in as Chair. There may be a JTA millage on the May ballot. Blackman Township recently purchased land near TAC it is going to be an industrial park. The addressing Ordinance is finding many errors in the addressing of houses. Various questions were asked to Cliff from the audience.
The following people wanted to speak at the end of the meeting. Mary Ward and Martha
M.-Police, Bill Russell-Police and Fire, Jason S.-Police, Fire and Road Commission.
Motion by Betz and supported by Wilson to accept the minutes. Motion carried
Motion by Wilson to accept and file the Treasures report with $94,466.71 in the savings
and $1,855.45 in the checking. Supported by Travioli. Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki to approve the following post audit bills. Supported by Travioli.
Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki to pay the Township bills in the amount of $10,696.86. Supported by
Betz. Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki to pay the Police bills in the amount of $15,617.51. Supported by
Wilson. Motion carried.
Rybicki gave the Police report in the absence of the Chief. There has been problems with
the enforcement of the clean up on the junk ordinance. Chief Speese thinks we should look at the wording of ordinance. The Police Department can not be unlocked when the bank is closed.
Officers will be laid off in the next couple of weeks.
There was no Planning Commission meeting.
Rybicki reported on the Fire Board. The 5th Board member is Bill Russell. He will be
finishing out the term.
Rybicki spoke about Ordinance Enforcement. There are some cases pending in court.
Jason spoke to the owner on Pope Church in regards to the campsite. They were informed the property was not zoned for campsites. They were also told that they could not live in the trailer.
They stated they were not aware that they couldn’t do this. Upon checking back the campsite sign had been removed. Officer Berenstein will continue to follow up on this.
Rybicki spoke with Eric White about how to enforce the clean up on the ordinances. Eric
likes the idea that the ordinance officer goes to court and makes it clear that they want the people to appear in court in front of the judge. This puts it in the courts hands. If they people don’t do as the judge states, they are then in contempt of court.
Officer Berenstein stopped at the house on Brown Rd in regards to the electrical hook up.
We are looking to see if the proper permits were issued on the property. Officer Berenstein will follow up.
Planning Commission letter on variance is tabled to next meeting due to waiting for the
next Planning Commission meeting.
Rybicki contacted Allen at Homestead in regards to the purchase of the bank. Allen
would like to take care of this in the next couple of weeks. Discussion followed.
Resolution 1-07 offered by Rybicki to allow Tom Betz and Becky Wilson be able to sign
on the selling of the bank building to Homestead bank. Supported by Betz. Roll call:Betz-aye, Wilson-aye, Mitchell-aye, Travioli-aye, Rybicki-aye. Supervisor Mitchell declared the resolution adopted.
Wilson wanted to let the board know that the bids for the hall maintenance and cemetery
care will be going in the paper for 2 weeks with bids coming back the first week of February.
Discussion followed on the date for the Budget Hearing. The meeting will be February
26th at 7:00 pm.
Wilson asked Travioli to ask at the next Planning Commission if anyone would like to be
on the Land Split Committee. At one time the Planning Commission had questioned this.
Travioli will get back with the board.
Rybicki attended a SAGA meeting and was asked if it would be possible for the FFA to
put a fresh veggie stand on the recycling lot. The school at this time is just looking at options as to where they could put the stand.
The floor was opened to public comment.
Mary Ward is concerned about there being no police. She is asking if there is anything
we can do to keep the department.
Martha M. stated that things are rapidly changing in regards to the police. There are
problems all around where she is and she is frantic with the idea of no police.
There was discussion on the way voting is tabulated and if it separates village and
township counts.
There was also discussion on millage and special assessment. Rybicki stated that right
now it is the boards intention to continue with the department until the money is gone. There
was discussion on the County police. The County decides the hours worked and who is sent out here. The cost is high for this.
Jason S. stated he heard the Township was going to start charging for fire runs. Rybicki
stated it is not true. There has been discussion with Clarence Township doing this. Currently
Springport is not charging. Discussion followed on the number of runs being so high.
Jason S. also asked if there was any information from the Road Commission. Lance is
still trying to get with Karl. Lance stated he is working on a plan for the roads.
Bill Russell wanted to let the board members know that he is the 5th member of the Fire
Board. Bill stated if there was anything you wanted to see done with the Fire Board please let him know and he will take it to the Fire Board.
Jason S. stated that the Trailer at the Fire Barn is not from the Fire Budget. That money
is from burning houses and BBQ’s done by the department. This is per Don Cockroft that was also at the meeting.
Board member comments:
Jeff Mitchell asked Rybicki to let the Board know that they currently have 130 signatures
in regards to the effort to keep the Police.
Wilson gave the Board a letter that Kyt had left on her desk in regards to a house on
Robbins Rd that someone was inquiring about how to have it condemned.
Motion by Rybicki to adjourn the meeting. Supported by Travioli. Meeting adjourned at
8:15 pm.