Feb. 13th, 2012

     The regular monthly meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order on Monday, Feb. 13th, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Township Hall.   Board members present were Betz, Lincoln, Keeler, Mitchell and Sebastian, we had 14 guests present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
    Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand was present to swear in our Township Police Officers for Jackson County.  Sheriff Rand swore in Lieutenant Molton and Deputies Cuatt and Morofski.  The Township Board wishes to thank Sheriff Rand and is proud to be deputized with Jackson County again.
     Teresa Brown brought up a question of a partial reimbursement of a FOIA bill from last summer for some police copies.
      Sebastian moved to accept the Jan. 9th, 2012 meeting minutes, motion was supported by Mitchell and minutes were approved.
     Betz gave the treasurer’s report.  General Fund has a balance of $101,486.39, tax account has $98,837.90, police account has a balance of $44,641.38 and the COPS fund has $9,239.44, we have $25,492.18 in fire operating and $39,369.18 into the fire equipment account.  Mitchell moved to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to approve post audit police bills in the amount of $4,864.20, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.
Motion by Mitchell to approve payment of the COPS post audit bills of $2,685.02, supported by Betz and the motion carried.
Mitchell moved to approve General Fund post audit bills in the amount of $527.50, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
      Betz moved to transfer $5,600.00 from account 101-333-800, Fire Dept-fixed expense, into account # 101-171-705-500 to pay CSZ for reassessing, and $400.00 from account 333-800 into legal fees account # 101-101-827, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.  Betz then moved to transfer $1,100 from 101-721-763, zoning enforcement, and from Dept. 215-960 use $300.00 and from 215-730 another $300.00, then $50.00 from Building Insurance Dept265-812 this would be transfer into legal fees also, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed.
Motion by Betz to move $1,500.00 from Police account #207-301-701 –wages into Account 207-301-935 – fuel, supported by Sebastian and it carried.
Sebastian moved to approve payment of $5,280.28 in the General fund, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian to approve payment of police bills in the amount of $7,755.30, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
Mitchell moved to approve COPS bills in the amount of $1,878.95, supported by Sebastian, and it carried.
     Police Chief Luce gave the police report.   The grant from Jackson Traffic Safety Committee was approved in the amount of $ 2,353.00 and all of our officers attended and completed the mandatory MCOLES firearms qualification on 1/6/12.  The police department performed 38.5 hours of service at the school during January and on Jan. 11th K-9 units from Blackman-Leoni DPS, Barry County Sheriff’s Office and Albion DPS did a walk thru of the school and parking lots.  No narcotics were located during this search.  The screen (cage) has been installed in the Charger and we are still waiting on computers from the County.   Sebastian moved to allow Chief Luce attend a Michigan Association of Chiefs School to be held in March, cost just under $1,000.00, motion supported by Mitchell and motion passed.   J. Wardius asked if our police dept. could put a report in the Signal so area residents could be aware of break-ins and other crime in their neighborhood.  Chief Luce said he had talked to the Signal was planning to do so in the future.
Committee Reports;   
  The Police Administration did not meet in January.
   A report was given by Planning Commission Wardius that we are still waiting on Region 2 for the Master Plan.
      Our Fire Board is going to have a special meeting next week concerning the purposed purchase of the Mead Bros. lot north of the fire barn.     Sebastian moved to allow Fire Chief Cox  and the Fire Department to install 3 hydrants in the township, this will be done in the 2012-13 fiscal year, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.    
Unfinished Business:
     The Police & Procedure Manual is close to being completed, perhaps at the March meeting.
     Sebastian reported on the meeting to streamline or permit policy and raise the fees to cover expenses.  There are a few items to be worked out and then will be ready for Board approval.
    Hotchkiss & White, out Township Attorney’s filed a counter suit in court concerning the ruling of Speese’s unemployment decision, and they are discussing whether to counter sue Speese.
New Business:
    Springport Chapter of the FFA was on hand to give a demonstration of their “AG Issues” which included a talk concerning property taxation, they will present at regional competition in Saline, and part of the requirement was that they present it to 3 local groups/boards.  We wish them good-luck next week.
      Sebastian moved to set a Budget Hearing meeting for the 2012-13 fiscal year on March 29th, 12 o’clock noon, here in the township hall, supported by Betz, motion carried.
      Sebastian moved to refund Teresa Brown $120.00 of the original $176.00 occurring from a FOIA request last spring that she had requested from Chief Speese, Keeler supported the motion and it passed.
       Sebastian moved to adjourn at 8:30, meeting adjourned.


Dena Keeler,