Feb. 9, 2009

     Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Lincoln at 7:05 pm, at the Springport Township Hall, board members present were Mitchell, Betz, Lincoln, Sebastian and Keeler.  There were 4 guests attending.
County Commissioner Cliff Herl was absent.
     There were no corrections or additions to the Jan. 9th, 2009 minutes or the special meeting minutes held on Jan. 19th so Supervisor Lincoln stated they were approved as presented.
     Treasurer’s report- $32,739.81 in the savings account and $69,361.72 in the checking account.  Mitchell moved to accept the treasurer’s report subject to auditing, supported by Keeler, motion passed.
      Lincoln entertained motion by Sebastian, seconded by Mitchell to pay post audit bills for the township for the amount of $1,893.46, and police bills in the amount of $7,819.46, approved.
Motion by Mitchell, supported by Sebastian to pay township bills in the amount of $4,836.58, motion passed.
Mitchell moved to pay police bills in the amount of $9,540.47, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.
Police Report Betz read police report, crime was up somewhat this last month with 29 citations, 9 arrests, 32 warnings, 3 assist.  Police vehicle was picked up and should be ready on Feb. 17th.  Parts were found to repair police computers.  They are currently not deputized in Jackson Co. to assist any other police agency outside of Springport Township until further notice, for liability reasons.  Liquor inspections were completed for the month of January 2009.
Committee Reports
        Betz reported on the Police Administration Board  Committee meeting,  they went over the 2009-10 budget making revisions as needed.  We will be looking for quotes for better insurance rates.   Committee with Mitchell, Al Cooper and Jason Bartley met to set guidelines for annual review.  Cooper moved to accept the “Reserve Police Officer guidelines  into practice.  Police 2008 budget will be amended at March meeting.  The next Police committee meeting will be held March 26th 2009.
Sebastian reported that the Planning committee is working on setting the guidelines for a master plan, also working on procedures to follow in all building permits.
There was no Fire Board meeting
Horse Park committee was reported by Bill Russell.  They are going to meet with State Rep. M. Simpson on Feb. 25th at 7:00 in the Township hall to answer questions and receive any help he might provide.  The letter of intent has been sent to the Michigan Equine in Partnership.
Other Business
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to hire Keith Budd as the building and mechanical inspector, motion passed.  Mitchell moved, supported by Sebastian to hire Colman J. DeConick as the plumbing inspector.  His rates are$60.00 per month for education/training and $50.00 per inspection, motion passed.
     Workshop for the proposed 2009-2010 budget will be held on Mon. Feb. 16th, 2009 at 8:00 Am., Township hall.
     Betz moved, supported by Sebastian to adopt resolution #1-09, Fire and rescue millage, upon roll call vote the following voted “aye”, Betz, Lincoln, Mitchell, Sebastian and Keeler.  Resolution adopted.
     Budd’s Contracting submitted a quote for a new furnace for the township offices, the old one has a cracked furnace box.  Sebastian moved to purchase a furnace from Budd’s contracting for $2,600.00, material and labor, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
   Sebastian asked if we could contact the Road Commission about trimming dead trees along the road.
   Jeff Mitchell presented the Township with an American Flag and a POW-MIA flag on behalf of the V.F.W. Ladies Auxiliary #5056.  We thank them for their donation.
   Mitchell moved to adopt ordinance 1-09, Reserve Police Officer into practice, supported by Sebastian, ordinance adopted. 
     Betz moved, supported by Mitchell to amend the 2008-2009 police budget, motion passed.
     Sebastian moved to adjourn, supported by Mitchell, meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Respectively submitted,
Dena Keeler,
Clerk, Springport Township

*Bold print means correction to regular minutes