The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:04 pm at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Lance Mitchell.  There were 8 visitors.
                Members present were Travioli, Betz, Wilson, Mitchell.  Rybicki was absent.
                Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes, once approved the tape will be destroyed.  *Rybicki arrived at 7:07.
                County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on several items.  The Board of Commissioners is moving to the 7th floor.  The County is trying to get other areas closer in the building to make it easier for the people.  They are working on addressing in the County.  Several areas have same roads names.  They are working on updating list of all county employees and Townships.  They are also looking into pooling Health Insurance for better pricing. 
                The floor is now opened for public comment:
                Linda Griffith said her husband drew up a design to fix the bell in front of the Township.  The Board was given a copy of the design.  Mitchell explained for anyone that didn’t know what Linda was referring to.
                Motion by Betz and supported by Rybicki to approve the minutes.  Motion carried. 
                Betz stated that Nannette has been working on DDA.  Motion by Wilson to accept and file the
Treasurers report with $58,435.89 in the savings and $65,711.96 in the checking.  Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Betz and supported by Rybicki to pay the following post audit bills for the Township in the amount of 224.00.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Betz and supported by Rybicki to pay the Township bills in the amount of $4,486.41.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Rybicki and supported by Wilson to pay the Police bills in the amount of $2,810.95.  Motion carried. 
Motion by Betz and supported by Travioli to pay the Fire bills in the amount of $89.99.  Motion
                Rybicki spoke in regards to the Police Department and the report.  Rybicki asked if there were any questions.  Mike is looking into a lease for cars.  The cars would not be new.  They are previous Police cars. 
                Wilson gave everyone a copy of the Ordinance report from Officer Rhodea.  There are 2 open cases.   Rybicki stated that if anyone had any complaints to get a hold of him or Officer Rhodea.
                At the Planning Commission meeting Jim Wardius was reappointed as Chairman.  Also Doug Lewan from Carlisle/Wortman Associates was at the meeting and gave a presentation on Master Plans.  Travioli stated the primary reason to have the plan is to protect ourselves to stop people from coming in and doing what they want.  We would then have a documented plan that could back the Township.  Rybicki asked what the Planning Commission was going to do.  Travioli stated that Jim was going to contact Region II to see what we already have. 
                Wilson stated that Wardius was in the office this morning.  Wardius told me that Mr. Dewan stated the cost would be around $6000 to $8000.  Wardius got information from Region II.  Everyone was given a copy of that as well.  Wilson pointed out the date on the information from Region II was from March of 2006 the information was sent to Lance at that time.  The cost would still be about the same at $6100 for Region II to do the Master Plan.  Wardius felt that after speaking with Region II that they do basically the same thing as Carlisle/Wortman Associates.   Wilson stated she would rather stay with Region II because of the help that has been given over the years.  She also questioned why this estimate from Region II was never seen.   Wardius also said the last Master Plan was from the 70’s. 
Discussion followed.  Wardius said he would leave the decision to the Board but felt we should stay with Region II.  Travioli also stated he felt we should stay with Region II as well.  The Board will look to see if we can budget this into next year. 
                Motion by Rybicki to use Region II for our Master Plan with 2008 as a start date.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried.  
                Wilson stated that she put the Police Citizens Committee on the agenda if they wanted to discuss it.  Jason stated that one of the things they discussed was setting a millage date for August pending if the Board would commit to what the Township and Village would put in.  Mike gave the committee 2 different budgets.   The committee was discussing possibly 2 – 2&1/4 mills.  The next meeting is on February 18th at 7:00.  The biggest thing they are looking at right now is the funding and putting out a brochure to the community.  Discussion followed.  Bill Russell asked the board if we would contract with the county if there was no local police department.  Discussion followed about the cost of County.   Wilson stated that we would need a millage to pay for the County Patrol also.  The County is more expensive than our local police department.  Discussion followed about funding the department with millage depending on the August election.
                Motion by Rybicki to fund our local Police Department with the Police Fund balance and General Fund monies if needed through 8-31-2008.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried.
                Rybicki would like a letter in the Signal from the desk of the township stating that after 8-31-2008 the Board will not be able to fund any form of a Police Department.
                Discussion followed on setting a Budget meeting date.   Discussion followed.  The date will be March 3rd at 6:00.
                Wilson gave everyone a copy of the MTA Capital Conference.  Betz feels that one of us should attend the meeting. 
                Betz stated we were trying to Balance with the last audit.  There is a sum of money owed to General Fund from the Fire Fund.  Part of it was from the Fire Equipment, but biggest share was from Fire Operating in 2004.  Discussion followed.  The Equipment amount will be taken care of when the CD comes due.  The amount of millage collected for Fire Operating is not enough to cover the cost; we still use General Fund money to help cover Fire Operating.
                Motion by Rybicki to move money from General Fund.  Discussion followed.  Motion was withdrawn.
                Motion by Betz to amend the General Fund Budget $51,969.00 from General Fund to Fire Operating to cover transfer made in 2004.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Betz to repay $6,255.00 from Fire Equipment CD to General Fund.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.
                Wilson gave the Board a quote of insurance.  He currently has a temporary policy.  This would be paid monthly and bills would come directly to the Township.   The policy can be cancelled at anytime.  Motion by Rybicki to start Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance through the Township for Chief Speese starting when Wilson and Nevin can get the paperwork completed.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried.  Discussion followed on what had happened to previous policy.  Wilson stated that the bills were not being sent to the Township and were not being received.
                Wilson gave the Board information that was sent from the Road Commission on the miles of each Township’s dirt roads.  Wilson stated we do not have the most miles of dirt roads in the County.
                Wilson also gave the Board a list of CD’s and the Revenue and Expenditures for the General Fund and Police Department.    Wilson will get the Fire Revenue and Expenditures to them when she has that finished.
                Wilson asked Linda Griffith if she could get us a quote on the fixing of the bell and the cracked wall also before March 1st.
                Rybicki stated he thought the Fire millage was complete.  Betz stated it is just in the second year of the millage.  Wilson stated it was voted in 8-8-06 and it was for 3 years.  There is still 1 more year of collecting.  Discussion followed.
                Motion by Mitchell to adjourn the meeting.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.  Meeting  adjourned at 8:21.

*Denotes corrections to the minutes.  RLW