Springport Township Board Minutes
February 12th 2007

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at
the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Mitchell.
Wilson stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes. Once approved
the tape will be destroyed.
Members present Mitchell, Rybicki, Betz, Travioli and Wilson. There were 15 visitors.
County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on many issues. They are looking to put several
small businesses in the old Woolworth building. There are negotiations on the airport property as well as the JTA is looking for a .2 mill. There will also be a library millage in August of 2007.
Karl Schmidt with the Road Commission introduced Steve Tompkins. He explained how
tree cutting and snow removal works. Also there was discussion on the paving of roads. Karl stated that if there is a complaint on a road it is logged at the county level. Those roads are looked at when paving is being planned. They also stated there are competitive bids on
The following people wanted to speak at the end of the meeting. Jeff Mitchell, Jason S.,
Tom S. and Carol Allen wanted to speak in regards to the Police. Bill Russell-M.E.P, Roy
Lincoln-budget, Jim Wardius-Zoning.
Motion by Rybicki and supported by Wilson to accept the minutes. Motion carried.
Motion by Travioli to accept and file the Treasures report with $107,303.12 in the savings
and $1,855.45 in the checking. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.
Motion by Betz to approve the following post audit bills. Supported by Rybicki. Motion
Motion by Rybicki to pay the township bills in the amount of $4,640.14. Supported by
Betz. Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki to pay the police bills in the amount of $5,212.28. Supported by
Wilson. Motion carried.
Motion by Betz to pay the fire bill in the amount of $37.27. Supported by Rybicki.
Motion carried.
Rybicki gave the Police report. There have been an increase in complaints for the month
of January. Also all officers are laid off until further notice due to the 2006 funding. Also in the report was that Gov. Granholm is in the process of cutting funding for law enforcement
throughout the State.
Travioli stated that the Planning Commission is concerned with a variance that was
granted. Jim Wardius, Chairman for the Planning Commission, then presented a letter to the
board in regards to a variance given on Pope Church Rd in August. Wardius stated there is no communication between the people involved. (Rod, Inspectors and Township Officers) Wardius also stated that this issue was created by Neff’s. Discussion followed with many concerns.
Travioli asked what checks and balance we have in place for permits. Rybicki stated that there seems to be a problem with the way the Site Plan review is done. There were many things brought up for consideration. Possibly ask for a deed or a legal description. Travioli also stated we should consider proof of ownership and description for the site plan.
Rybicki suggested a letter be sent to Steve W. telling him the current issues/zoning
problems we are having. We may want to consider having someone else to do the site plans.
There was no Fire Board meeting.
Rybicki gave an update of the Ordinance Officer. There are 10 open cases and 5 pending
court dates. 22 cases have been closed.
In regards to the house on Brown Rd. All permits were issued. The owners told Steve
W. They had a variance on the property. Discussion followed. Rybicki thinks we should give a variance because the permits were issued. He suggested we also put something in the variance about a driveway. Travioli questioned why Rod issues the permits. Rybicki suggested we bring the issuing of permits back to the Township offices. Wilson stated she receives a copy of the permit, but does not get a site plan or a certificate of occupancy. Mitchell stated he will get information form other Townships on how they do their permits and also that he would contact Steve W. about proof of occupancy.
Wilson then asked the board about a Land split that was applied for from the Neff’s.
discussion followed. Due to section 7.3f in the zoning book that states that construction has to be commenced within 180 days after the issuing of the variance the land split will not be issued.
They would have to apply for a variance again.
Betz stated that the papers were signed with Homestead Bank on the Police building on
1-31. There was $21,000 put back into the Police account. We did pay $10,000 down on
building and there were other expenses as well.
Jeff Mitchell stated that he has 200 signitures in favor of the Police department. He feels
the board should do something to keep the Police.
Bill Russell asked when the deadline is to get the Police mileage on the May election for
the Township to vote. M.E.P. is looking to build a large equine park in the area. They will be at the SAGA meeting. Bill stated that the Springport area is classified by the State as a Economic Depressed Area.
Wilson stated that the Board has until March 9th to get ballot language on the ballot for
the May election.
Roy Lincoln stated he didn’t know what to expect at a budget meeting. Lincoln as
Rybicki to explain how it would work. Rybicki stated that we look at the money that is coming in, bids will be looked at, any repairs that need to be done, salaries will be set, roads. Lincoln asked when we were going to vote to raise taxes. Betz stated that the taxes are allocated by the County and the State. Discussion followed.
Jason S. voted against the police. He doesn’t like the cost and is tired of hearing about it.
Travioli stated that the voters spoke overwhelmingly about not wanting Police Dept. He
is not in favor of Special assessment.
Tom S. stated the people have spoken 2-1 that they don’t want a department. Elected
officials need to do the will of the people. If it is put on the ballot again you are setting yourself up for a recall.
Carolyn Allen wanted to thank the board for the letter that is included in the taxes. She is
in favor of the Police and her husband Bill is against the Police. Restructuring of the police
department needs to be done. Need to show the taxpayers that the department is going to change. Should also buy locally.
Rybicki stated that the board needs to look at is one of the things we are supposed to be
providing to the community is providing police and fire protection. We need to keep our jobs in mind.
Wilson gave the board a current revenue/expenditure list so the board would have it at the
budget workshop.
Motion by Rybicki to adjourn the meeting. Supported by Travioli. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.