December 12, 2011
Springport Township Board Meeting

      The regular meeting of the Springport Township board was called to order at 7:02 pm on Dec. 12th, 2011 by Supervisor Lincoln.  Board members present were Tom Betz, Jason Sebastian, Jeff Mitchell, Gaylord Lincoln and Dena Keeler, we had 9 guests present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
      County Commissioner Cliff Herl told us of project of making model airplane inside the plane at the Jackson Co. Airport; this is being done with a generous donation.  Jackson Co. Road Commission will be doing only maintenance on roads for the upcoming year (chip and seal roads) not repairing them.  The County looks to be in good shape financially for the year end of 2011.
      Bill Russell mentioned that the Jackson County Farm Tour will be in the Springport area next September.
       Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of Nov. 14, 2011, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.
       The Treasurer’s report was given by Betz.  General Fund checking has $74,451.72, police has $4,659.68 in the checking account, Certificates of Deposit $101,318.32, fire operating and fire equipment has $42,815.25 and $39,369.18 respectively.   Fed COPS grant has $7,544.15 and the Tax Account has $5,787.99.  Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve the treasurer’s report for audit, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to approve payment of post audit police bills for $3,407.79, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Mitchell, supported by Sebastian to approve payment for the COPS post audit bills in the amount of $2,096.92, motion passed.               
Sebastian then moved to approve payment of all General Fund post audit bills of $500.96, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.      
Mitchell moved to pay General Fund bills for $5,982.21, motion supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to pay police bills of $3,538.02,motion passed.
Sebastian moved to approve payment of COPS bills in the amount of $1,322.76,  supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to pay Fire Bills for $17,275.00, motion passed.
Sebastian moved to repay the police loan to General Fund later this month after collected tax money had been dispersed, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Committee Report:   
      Chief Luce gave the police report, November had 172 complaints, 45 citations, 41 warning, 2 arrest and 0 assist.
Over 31 hours of liaison duties were performed at the school.  Neighborhood watch had a Christmas Party which was well attended.  Disciplinary action was taken against Officer responsible for damage to Car 2.  Luce talked to the County to get AEGIS System on the computer, which would tie us in the Jackson County, they also have back-up data.  The County will help set it up, this will also help M.I.C.A.  A need for a new office computer was discussed.
Luce is waiting on a price from the It dept at Jackson Co. Sherriff’s Dept.  He is also looking at computers from Dell that would hold up well in police cars, he will get some bids on these.  The radar unit in the Ford car is getting old and we need to install screen between the front and back seats.  Betz moved to authorize Chief Luce to purchase office computer, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.  Motion by Betz, supported by Sebastian to allow Chief Luce to purchase cage for the Charger for $500.00- $600.00, Sebastian supported motion and it passed.
     The Board was brought up to date on the status of Speese’s lawsuit with the Township, unemployment hearing is Dec. 15th 2011 at 9:00 in Lansing, will be attended by Betz and Keeler along with Ken Hotchkiss.  Molton will possibly using his com time in Jan. 2012. 
     The new “Policy and Procedures” manual is being read by Board members and will be on January’s agenda.

     Sebastian reported that the Planning Commission is still waiting on Region 2 to print Master Plan books and get them to us.
     Fire Board will meet next Monday.  Chief Charlie Cox spoke of the Fire Departments wish to install possibly three dry hydrants in the Township.  These hydrants would be installed by the Fire Department.  Betz moved to authorize Cox to put together a proposal for three dry hydrants in the Township, this proposal will  be ready to possibly be included in the 2012 budget, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Unfinished Business:
       Sebastian is planning to return the police motorcycle this week, weather permitting.
       Sebastian has been trying to set up meeting with Dave Brown, Rodney Thurow, Bill Ungar, himself and Jackie Riehle to discuss raising the cost of all permits needed for building and remodeling.
      Motion by Betz to hire Stan Keeler to install emergency exit lights in the township hall, lights were purchased several years ago, supported by Sebastian and the motion passed.
New Business:
       Motion by Sebastian to give Keeler the authorization to hire a “Receiving Board”, which will be required by the State of Michigan in upcoming elections, for $50.00 per election, this was supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
      Mitchell inquired on any progress being made at Green Meadows Apartments.  They have not begun any renovation yet due to the fact that their tax credits have not been accepted.  Lincoln will place a call to Green Meadows’ Doug Fleming and to check on progress.
     Sebastian then moved to adjourn at 8”15, meeting adjourned.

Dena Keeler,