Springport Township Board Meeting
Dec. 13th, 2010

     The regular meeting was called to order by Supervisor Gaylord Lincoln at 7:00 pm in the Township Hall.  Board members present; J. Mitchell, T. Betz, G. Lincoln, D. Keeler, and J. Sebastian, there were 6 guests.  The pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     Cliff Herl, County Commissioner was not present at this meeting.
      There were no public comments at this time.
      Mitchell moved to accept the minutes of Nov. 8th, 2010, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.  Sebastian moved, and was supported by Mitchell to approve the minutes of our special meeting held on Nov. 22, 2010 motion carried.
      Treasurer reported General Fund balance of $79,074.17
 in the checking account with $196,455.23 in CD’s.  We have $13,711.40 in our police account, and $25,957.21 in fire operating and $38,597.31 in equipment CD’s.  Motion by Sebastian to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to approve post audit General Fund bills for $15,100.86, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Motion by Mitchell to approve police post audit bills for $5,558.79, this was supported by Betz, motion passed.
Betz moved to approve COPS Fund post audit bills for $2,691.33, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to pay General Fund bills of $6,253.17, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to pay Police bills for the amount of $7,331.04, Betz supported the motion , motion carried.
Motion by Betz to pay COPS Grant bills for $ 855.84, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.
Betz moved to pay fire bills in the amount of $15,350.00, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
     The police report was given by Lincoln.  Springport police had 138 complaints, 42 warnings, 35 citations 6 assist and 16 arrests in the month of November.  They continue to walk through the Springport School daily and have taken several complaints and 2 arrests at the school.  Springport Police are no longer deputized by Jackson County Sheriff.  This means that they will not be taking calls or assist outside our township, (unless certain criteria have been met).
The Police Administration Board met in November.  They tabled any discussion of Springport going into Parma for police protection until additional information is provided by Parma.  They had several questions from the audience which were answered and cleared up.  Their next meeting will be Feb. 3rd, 2011.  Leoni has some police cars which may be for sale, Speese will contact them later.
      Springport Planning Committee met and was reported that the Community Land Use Plan has been approved and copies will be distributed. 
     Fire Board will meet Monday Dec. 20th, 2010.
     There was no unfinished business.
New Business:
     The Ted Hartleb Insurance Company has given us a quote for township insurance but no action was taken until we hear from MCM Group Insurance.
     We received a request by Karl Drake CPA to give us a quote for auditing township business.  We will continue to receive quotes and check with MTA concerning the recommended time for changing  auditors.
     Jack Ward can build us a table/chair rack for $200.00.  Sebastian moved to have Ward build the table/chair rack, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
     Sebastian and Dave Brown will be on a committee  to work on a Building Department and address some concerns in our building permit system.
      Sebastian moved to adjourn at 7:45, supported by Mitchell, meeting adjourned.

Dena Keeler,