Springport Township Board
 Meeting December 14, 2009

     The December 14th, 2009 meeting was called to order by Supervisor Lincoln at 7:00 pm. Board members present were Betz, Mitchell, Lincoln, Keeler and Sebastian. Two guests were present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
     County Commissioner Cliff Herl passed out information brochures concerning foreclosure scams.  ATT has donated $40,000.00 to the Jackson County Fair to be used over a two year period; this money will be for 4-H, FFA and open class prize money. 
      No public comment.
     Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to accept the November 9th meeting minutes, motion passed.
     Mitchell moved to accept the minutes of the special meeting held on December 7, 2009, supported by Sebastian,
 motion passed.
      Treasurer reported $53,685.15 in the General Fund checking account and $23,078.97 in the savings.  Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to accept the treasurer’s report subject to audit, motion passed.
Sebastian moved to pay general fund post audit bills in the amount of $566.38, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to pay police bills in the amount of $5,519.79, motion carried.
Mitchell moved, supported by Sebastian to approve payment of COPS checks for the amount of $ 3,333.50, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to pay general fund bills in the amount of $11,708.47, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Sebastian moved to pay fire bill in the amount of $17,775.00, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Keeler moved to pay the Board of Review bill of $70.00 to be divided between General Fund, Police and Fire departments, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Police Committee; Betz stated that some equipment was badly needed; the committee listed them as most needed, with the mobile radios as a first priority. Then vehicle computers, light and siren for car # 3, 2PBT’s, radar units, first aid kits, portable radios, shotgun car, flashlights and police vest.
Sebastian moved and Mitchell supported to accept the Village proposal for the “Police Department Operating and Funding Agreement” contingent on MTA’s agreement that the “confidentially Information Clause” was legal, motion carried.
Sebastian then moved to purchase (2) new mobile radios cost of $1,200.00 for the police department, supported by Mitchell, the remaining items will be discussed after payment arrives from the Village, motion carried.
Planning Committee:  Sebastian said a special meeting was held and the 1st draft of the Master Plan has been reviewed and is having some; minor mistakes corrected. They hope to have that copy by the first of January, and a copy should be available at the January meeting. 
Fire Board; Lincoln will look into the by-laws to see how officers are chosen.
Unfinished Business; We have not heard back from the State on our proposal to hire an outside firm to reassess Springport properties.
       Lincoln has tried to contact Watermark Management Group concerning Green Meadows proposal but has been unsuccessful.
New Business; Lincoln asked for a resolution to honor our local FFA Chapter on their achievement of being named 2nd in the nation for work organizing school and community events.  Mitchell moved to adopt such resolution, supported by Sebastian.
Roll call vote; Betz, “aye”, Lincoln, “aye”, Mitchell, “aye, Keeler, “aye, and Sebastian, “aye”, resolution adopted.
       Lincoln read a letter from the Hamlin Township asking Springport to adopt a resolution of “support IN SPIRIT”   a five year recreational plan for their township.  Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to support in spirit the Hamlin recreational plan.
Upon roll call vote the following voted “aye”, Sebastian, Keeler, Lincoln, Betz and Mitchell, Supervisor Lincoln declared the resolution adopted.
Board member comments; Mitchell reported the next “Neighborhood watch” meeting will be Jan. 6, 2010, 7:00 pm at the Township Hall.  They had a good turnout at previous meetings.  Eric Johnson has taken over the Ordinance officer position.
The road signs entering Springport stating that zoning is enforced is put on hold until spring and the 2010 budget.  Signs would need to be 16” x 16”, Mitchell will check on the cost.
Sebastian moved to adjourn at 8:15, Betz supported, meeting adjourned.
Respectively submitted,  Dena Keeler, Clerk