December 8th, 2008

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order by Supervisor Gaylord Lincoln at 7:03 pm at the Springport Township Hall.
      Lincoln stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes, once approved the tape will be destroyed.
      Members present were Sebastian, Mitchell, Lincoln, Betz, and Keeler.  There were 12 visitors present.
      County commissioner Cliff Herl was absent.
     Public comment Bill Russell from the audience spoke about the Horse Park and the possibility of coming to Springport.  This will be a multi-million dollar project that will serve as a facility for a number of shows, expos and other events besides the horse industry.  Michigan Equine Partnership has established some guidelines that they are looking for in the area that will be chosen for the horse park.
     Motion by Mitchell and supported by Sebastian to approve the minutes of Nov. 10, 2008, motion carried.
     Motion by Betz, supported by Mitchell to accept and file the treasurer’s report with $52,176.18 in the savings account and $55,279.96 in the checking account. Motion carried.   Motion by Betz and supported by Mitchell to approve the following post audit bills. The Township total is $869.69; the police total is $2,946.91. 
Motion by Betz supported by Sebastian to pay the Township bills for the amount of $16,181.32
Betz stated that the loan to the police dept for $10,000.00 from the general fund could be paid back later with incoming taxes.  Motion carried   
     Motion by Sebastian supported by Mitchell to pay the police bills in the amount of $7,462.55.
  Motion carried
Motion by Betz supported by Sebastian to pay the Fire bills in the amount of $14,687.20.
 Motion passed.

The Police report was given by Lincoln. They are in need of a police vehicle.  The Chevrolet has more problems with the electrical system.  Speese found a used vehicle a 2003 Ford with 64,000 miles at a cost of $6,400.00.  Most of the equipment from the Chevy can be installed on the Ford at no cost, because Mike will do it himself.  Mike also reported that liquor inspections were completed for the month of November 2008 and that they are experiencing more car/deer crashes so we should all slow down and arrive safely.   Sebastian asked what the cost of getting the car back to Michigan would be; the police dept. would fly on officer down to drive the vehicle back, so we would have the flight ticket, wages, food and gas for the trip back.  Sebastian moved to borrow the money from a CD in the General account that came due and loan it to the police department account, supported by Mitchell. Motion passed.  Betz will check the police budget for funding salaries for the remaining year.

       Committee Reports – Police Administration Board consisting of Betz and Mitchell, stated that they are working on Speese’s contract.
        Fire Board will be made of  Lincoln and Sebastian.
        Planning Commission – Sebastian stated that they are working on goals, policies and zoning.   Procedure now is that before a building permit is issued a permit must be received from the health dept and a drive way permit from the Road Commission.

Unfinished Business-   B. Russell will contact Cliff Herl to see where the County is in regards to renumbering the required street address.  Keeler moved and Sebastian supported that we table any recommendations or decisions concerning the street numbering sequencing until next meeting.
        Lincoln is looking at someone who will possibility replace the building inspector.  He will report more information next month.

        New Business – Resolution 10-08, resolution to set meeting dates of the regular Springport Township Board on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Springport Township Hall. Roll-call vote – Mitchell “aye”, Betz “aye”, Lincoln “aye” Sebastian “aye” Keeler “aye”, Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.
        Resolution of the Board to allow Keeler as newly elected clerk to have the authority to sign checks be adopted.  Roll call vote – Betz “aye”,  Lincoln “aye”, Sebastian “aye”, Mitchell “aye”, and Keeler “aye”, resolution passed.
        Betz moved and Mitchell supported that the Board make a budget amendment for election costs of $385.00. Motion carried.
        Betz moved and Mitchell supported that we waive the interest and penalty. Motion passed.  We will collect a 1% admin fee on the winter and summer tax (2-17-3-1).  Motion passed.
        Lincoln stated that two of the three township printers were broken and that the treasurer and assessor were in need of a new computer. We could use some of the money in the building maintenance budget for the purchase of the computer and printer.  Sebastian moved supported by Keeler to send $1500.00 for new printer and computer.  Lincoln will purchase these items.
       Lincoln asked for volunteers from the audience and the Board to serve on an advisory committee to promote Springport to the Michigan Equine Partnership and hose park committee.   Charles Betz, Bill Russell, Jerry Riske and Jeff Mitchell volunteered for this committee.
        No other new business, Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

                                                                                Dena Keeler, clerk