December 6th, 2007

The Special Meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:02 pm at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Mitchell. 
                Members present were Travioli, Rybicki, Mitchell and Wilson.  Betz absent.  There were 12 visitors present.
                Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist in the writing of the minutes.  Once approved the tape will be destroyed.
                The Special Meeting is to discuss the combing of a joint Police Department with Parma Township, Parma Village, Sandstone Charter Township and Springport Village.
                Mitchell stated that the board has drawn up a letter after attending a meeting on Monday, December 3rd at the Parma Village Fire Department.  The 3 entities made it clear that they wanted to try to fund the police department on their own without including us at this time. 
                Wilson read the letter that will be submitted to Parma Township, Parma Village and Sandstone Charter Township.  Rybicki stated the letter is subject to change it is only a rough copy.
 Betz stated he didn’t feel the three entities were in agreement and we are wasting our time.  There was much discussion.
                Rybicki stated he received a phone call from one of the board members that were elected that night and asked that we don’t do this at this time. 
                Travioli feels we shouldn’t burn the bridge at this time.  He thinks it is a good idea for the Townships but looks like it is a long way from there.  It would be better coverage.
                There was much discussion. 
                Motion by Rybicki to have Mitchell sign the letter and send it to the 3 entities and also the Springport Village.
                Travioli wanted to hear the feedback from some of the people of the audience. 
Ron Yanka-feels we should post the minutes in the paper.  Makes it look like the Township is keeping things a secret.  Travioli stated that it is a cost issue.  Wilson asked at one time about the printing of the minutes and was told it was $100-$150 to have them printed.  Darlena will check into the cost for us.
 Wilson stated that the minutes are posted on the Springport website.  The minutes can’t be posted until the minutes are approved, so they are always one month late. 
Jerry Riske-feels we should talk with the Sheriff.  Also concerned that our Police are seen in Eaton Rapids.  The Sheriff costs us money and we don’t get what we want, but this is costing us money and we don’t get what we want either.
Joe Hubbard-stated Police car was see in Albion at KFC.  Wants to know where the money is going to come from if we want to keep the Police department going.  The article in the paper made it clear that Parma didn’t want us to be there.  He also did see the Police car at 10:00 pm coming of the east exit. Why are they out there?
                Travioli did explain that we are in the farthest corner of Jackson County.  We are bordered by other counties and that could explain why the car is in other counties.
                Travioli asked that we get back to the reason why we are here tonight.
Jason S.-Wanted to know if it was the Board that made us feel that way.  He also asked if it appeared that the board did not discuss this at their meetings to inform the people.
 Rybicki also stated that Parma Village gave a letter that day that they could no longer pay their portion of the Police. 
                There was more discussion.
Jerry Riske stated that we are working for the people but people have spoken twice.
                Travioli stated we should not rule out the need for a Police Department.
                Betz stated about the Police Department and money. We are still using Police Fund Balance with about 50,000 $98,000 left.  This money was from 5 years ago.  Our position was to continue to provide police because we still had the money left.  This money is Police money and can only be used for Police.  It is a possibility to use General Fund money if needed.
Pam Wilson questioned how we could use General Fund money for the Police. 
                Rybicki stated we have to use Police money for Police, but General Fund money can be used for Police.  We also use part of General Fund money to help with the Fire.
                Motion supported by Travioli.
                Roll call: Betz-aye, Rybicki-aye, Mitchell-aye, Travioli-aye, Wilson-aye.  Motion carried.
                Moved by Rybicki and supported by Betz to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

 12-10-07 Note corrections

      Rebecca Wilson