December 10th, 2007

                The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:04 pm at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Lance Mitchell.
                Members present: Travioli, Rybicki, Mitchell, Betz and Wilson.  There were 18 visitors present.
                County Commission Cliff Herl spoke.  There are 3 good candidates, closing on the animal shelter, the horses are gone also.  Soil Erosion has moved from Region II to the Health Department.  In the process of hiring a Fair Manager.  Discussion followed on different issues.
                Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes, once approved the tape will be destroyed. 
Public comment: Dawn Frizzell wanted to speak in regards to trailer on Pope Church Rd.
Bill Russell, Linda Griffith, Tabitha Dake, Jeff Mitchell all wanted to speak on the police. Don Cockroft wanted to ask about trees.  Ron Yahnka also wanted to address the board.
                Motion to approve the November 12th minutes by Rybicki and supported by Wilson.  Motion carried. 
                Motion by Betz to approve the December 6th special meeting minutes with the correction that there is approximately $98,000 left in the Police Fund balance not $50,000 as was stated.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.
                Motion to accept and file the treasures report in the amount of $57,217.43 in the Savings and $70,385.19 in the Checking by Wilson.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.  Still trying to work out the problem with the DDA with BS&A.  We also have the projected Revenue Sharing numbers. 
                Motion by Betz to approve the police post audit bills in the amount of $2578.97.  Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Rybicki to approve the Township bills in the amount of $11,416.04.  Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried. 
                Motion by Travioli to approve the Police bills in the amount of $12,501.76.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Rybicki to pay the Fire Bill in the amount of $17,500.00 Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried.
                Chief Speese gave the Police report.  There were 128 complaints, 3 arrests, 21 citations, 42 warnings, and 4 assists.  There have been several larcenies from vehicles and also several car/deer accidents.
He also included in this letter about the need for a police department.  The Sheriff’s department is having funding issues also and the State Police threatened to cut 29 troopers about 7 months ago.
                Rybicki gave the Ordinance report.  A citation has been issued to the man on Pope Church Rd with the Trailer.  Dawn Frizzell questioned why that took so long to get done.   She also stated that there is another trailer just down the road that has gone in.  The people are living in a travel trailer behind their parents.  She stated it is west of her and on the south side of the road. 
                Rybicki spoke in regards to a Police committee.  There were a few people that had expressed interest in the survey we did in the summer.  Rybicki contacted all but one, that he was not able to get a hold of.  Discussion followed. 
Sherry Belcher spoke and stated that the first thing is we need a Chair person.  She also suggested that the Board not be on the committee.  The Board can attend and give input because of the knowledge.
Bill Russell stated that in Eaton Rapids there was a debate on the Fire Department staying centralized, they appointed a 5 member citizens committee to investigate and bring the information back to the board.
Sherry Prine stated there may be a difference between a citizens committee and a citizen’s board.
Martha stated we should check with the bylaws of the state.
                Rybicki asked the people that were interested in the committee to stay after the meeting so that a date could be set for a first meeting.  Wilson stated that Rybicki, Mitchell or Chief Speese should be there to share the information that has been collected over the past few months.  
                Planning Commission did meet but Travioli did not attend.  The meeting dates were set for the next year.
                There was no Fire Board meeting.    Rybicki did state that the accident with the Tanker Truck was paid 100% the amounts that it was billed for by the different entities.  The money that was collected for the run was put into the Fire Board per Charlie as far as he knows.  The Fire Board billed for man power and equipment used.  The total was $23,508.  He stated they have talked about using some of the money to add on to the Fire Department.
                Bill Russell went to MTA with the Township Ordinance.  The legal department said our ordinance was good.  
                Wilson stated it was on the bill, but we were not billed for the run.  Rybicki wanted to know if there was anything we wanted him to take to the Fire Board in regards to what to do with the money. 
                Wilson copied the examples of other Township forms that he had gotten a given to the Board members.  Wilson spoke with Steve Ward.  He uses the one that comes on the back of the building permits.  He didn’t state if he kept a copy, but said if he should be doing something different, we should let him know.   Discussion followed on the occupancy permits. 
                Motion by Rybicki to start filling out 2 building permits letting all inspectors know that they have to sign off both permits.  One stays with the home owner and one is returned to the township when final inspection is done.  Supported by Betz.  Motion carried.
                Wilson stated there have been no permits for Erikson’s yet.  Discussion followed.  Rybicki will send someone out to check into it.  Discussion followed on what we can do if there are not permits pulled. 
                Mitchell stated that we already have a Cell Tower Ordinance.  Space needs to be requested before the tower goes up.  Discussion followed.  Lance will check into an amendment. 
                Rybicki has no information on the Master Plan yet.  Due to Wilson’s email not working.
                Motion by Wilson to purchase the 32 gallon trash receptacle for the Recycle lot.  Supported by Travioli. Motion carried.  The FFA did pay for half of the receptacle and the check has already been received.
                Resolution 9-07 to set meeting date for the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Springport Township hall, offered by board member Wilson and supported by board member Betz.  Upon roll call the following voted aye: Rybicki, Mitchell, Betz, Wilson and Travioli.  The Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.
                The floor is now open to public comments:
Dawn is ok with it and no need to discuss anymore at this time.
Bill Russell passed at this time.
Linda Griffith-feels that it needs to be put out that the Sherriff’s Department will cost more.  Feels we need to keep the Police and the money needs to come from the Township and the people should never have to choose.
Don Cockroft wanted to know if a permit is needed to cut county trees.  Cliff suggested calling the road commission.  Is a permit needed if you wanted to bury along the road.
Tabitha Dake feels we need the police in the trailer park.  Also wondered if there is room for 1 more on the citizens committee.
Jeff Mitchell want to express the importance of having a Police Department when doing grants and also when trying to get new businesses in town.
Martha is there some way of funding the department other than millage, feels it should be part of taxes and used out of the General fund.
                There was discussion about putting the minutes in the paper.  Wilson will check into the publishing and approval of the minutes.  Wilson stated minutes could not be put on line until approved.  So we are a month behind. 
                Rybicki asked about the tax bills and they will be going out this week. 
                Betz stated that we are working on setting it up so that people that have the tax bills go to lenders will get a copy of the township letter.  It will also be posted on line and in the paper.
                Wilson wanted to let the board know that deadlines to put ballot language on the upcoming ballots are February 26th for the May election and May 27th for the August election.  Motion by Rybicki to adjourn the meeting.  Supported by Betz.    Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.