August 2, 2006

            Treasurer Tom Betz called the Special Meeting of the Springport Township Board to order at 9:17 AM at the Springport Township Hall.  Members present were Betz, Rybicki and Wilson.  Travioli and Mitchell were absent.  Chief Speese and Tom Molton were also present.
            Betz stated the purpose of the meeting was to interview Tom Molton for a Police Officer.
            Chief Speese purposed that the Township hire Tom Molton as a full time officer at $16 an hour.  Overtime would be compensated with Comp time.  There is no build up of comp time over 40 hours.  There will be no insurance and also there is 6 months probation. 
            Motion by Rybicki to hire Tom Molton for the position of Police Officer.  Supported by Wilson.  Motion carried. 
            Moved by Rybicki to adjourn the meeting.  Supported by Wilson.  Meeting adjourned at 9:25 AM