Springport Township Board Minutes
August 14,2006

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:01pm at
the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Mitchell.
Members present were Travioli, Betz, Wilson and Mitchell. Absent: Rybicki. There were
16 visitors present.
Wilson stated the meeting being recorded to assist with the minutes. Once approved the
tape will be destroyed.
Public comment-Bill Russell, Jeff Mitchell, Martha M., Paul Bevins, Jason Sebastian and
Lisa Mitchell were all here regarding police.
County Commissioner Cliff Herl thanked the community for their support during the
election. The addressing ordinance was approved, township should receive a copy soon. County
is working on a master plan for Cascades renovation. Cliff would support the JTA millage if he
is satisfied with it.
Rybicki arrived at 7:05 pm.
Motion by Wilson to approve the July minutes. Supported by Betz. Motion carried.
Motion by Betz to approve the minutes of the special meeting on 7-10. Supported by
Wilson. Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki to approve the minutes of the special meeting on 8-2. Supported by
Betz. Motion carried.
Moved by Wilson to accept and file the Treasurers report of $73,435.91 in the savings
and $1,305.30 in the checking. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.
Moved by Rybicki to pay the Township bills in the amount of $4,907.72. Supported by
Betz. Motion carried.
Moved by Rybicki to pay the Police bills in the amount of $14,849.31. Supported by
Wilson. Motion carried.
Moved by Betz to pay the Fire bill in the amount of $33.15. Supported by Rybicki.
Motion carried.
Chief Speese read a letter to the community in regards to recent comments/letters written
about the department.
Travioli reported on the Planning Commission. There was no new or old business to
report on.
No Fire Board meeting.
No Police Board meeting.
Moved by Betz to take the fireman raise of $10.00 off the table. Supported by Rybicki.
Motion carried. It was motioned and supported at the previous meeting. Discussion followed. 2-
aye votes, 2-nay votes. Mitchell voted aye. Motion carried. Rybicki will go back to the Fire
Board and tell them.
Nothing on the new police car due to millage failing.
Mitchell received a contract from Karl Schmidt to pave Crawford and Harshay Rd.
Discussion followed on other roads in the Township. Travioli stated we needed a plan to get
roads done. He would like to see counter boxes on roads to track and count. Mitchell will get
with Karl Schmidt on the counters. It was also suggested to inventory the dirt roads in the
Lance reported that the bill for the fence was donated to the Township.
Tom contacted American Title on Boomers property. American Title will handle all the
paper work for us. Discussion followed. Steve will go to the village and see if we can put a
building on the property. He will report back at the next meeting.
Wilson presented the Board with the information that Rod puts with all the permits.
Wilson can add to the paper that the fees are non-refundable. Wilson will add the wording and
get the new papers to Rod to have him include with the permits.
Kyt gave the Board a consideration of proposed settlement for Green Meadows
Apartments. Discussion followed. Moved by Betz to approve the proposal and accept.
Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.
Rybicki contacted the lady to help with the Special Assessment but she did not return his
call. Rybicki will see if she will come to the next meeting.
Moved by Rybicki to take $1000.00 from Parks and Recreation and put to Zoning
enforcement. Discussion followed. Moved to put $500.00 in Zoning and $500.00 in mileage.
Supported by Wilson. Motion carried.
Rybicki addressed a clothing allowance for the new Police Officer (Tom). The clothing
allowance was not discussed at the special meeting. Motion by Rybicki to give Officer Tom
Molton a $400.00 clothing allowance. Discussion followed. Supported by Betz. Motion
Public Comment:
-Jeff Mitchell wondered why the Board didn’t promote the cost of the millage. Also the School
has a sign to put up for the recycling bins.
-Martha M. is interested to know what the Township plan for the Police is. She stated there
needed to be more publicity on it.
The Board stated they can show the facts and the numbers but can not show favoritism toward
the proposal.
-Sherry Prine asked the Board to consider putting the millage back on the ballot. Also to put
something in the paper each week about the millage. There is no cost for a news release.
-Cliff stated we should check with the County Clerk about deadlines for the proposal. Wilson
stated it is due by August 29th.
-Paul Bevins would like the Board to try for the millage again.
-Jason Sebastian stated the department is doing a good job, but doesn’t agree with what some of
the things the officers have done. He is concerned about over taxing and the increase in taxes.
-Lisa Mitchell stated that the grants the village had gotten would be gone without the Police
department. She feels we should inform the taxpayers of the cost.
-Kyt Hoover suggested getting a citizens committee together to inform the people.
Wilson stated that there was a Township newsletter with the Tax bills that went out that told
about the millage.
-Roger Kellogg is trying to sell his property next to Mead Brothers and is concerned about the
construction equipment on the property. No one has contacted him to see if it was ok to use the
property. Chief Speese will talk with M-Dot. It was also suggested by the Board to contact
Mead Brothers directly.
-Bill Russell stated he was glad to see all the people here. He also said there was no way to get
protection and the level of service if we go to the County. People need to come to the meetings
to find out what is going on.
-Sherry Prine suggested a newsletter to keep the people informed.
-Lisa Mitchell questioned what the Parks and Recreation Department was for.
-Jeff Mitchell stated that the Police Department is one reason that we have the bank.
-Lisa Mitchell complimented the Treasurer.
Betz stated we needed to do something about the millage before August 29th. Travioli
thinks there would be support for maintaining the current level. Discussion followed.
Rybicki stated we need to look at how we present the information to the community.
Motion by Rybicki to hold a Special Meeting on August 28th at 7:30 at the Township Hall to
discuss the Police Millage. Supported by Wilson. Motion carried.
Rybicki also reported on Jason Bernstien with the Ordinance Enforcement. He would
like to change the wording to 14 days instead of 30 days to get the clean up done quicker.
Discussion followed on if the Board can clean up property if it is not done and add it to the taxes.
Rybicki will check into this. It was the consensus of the Board to try it for 14 days.
Rybicki asked if we wanted to put a deadline as to when the Police Department would
end. We have done this in the past. Discussion followed. The Board will put the Special
Meeting in the Signal. The Board invites everyone to come.
Wilson explained to the Board that the Serviceman that fixed the Air Conditioning
suggested that we remove the trees and shrubs near the unit. Mitchell stated that he would take
care of it.
Motion by Rybicki to adjourn the meeting. Supported by Betz. Motion carried.