APRIL 14TH, 2008

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:02 pm at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Lance Mitchell.  There were 7 visitors.

Member present were Rybicki, Betz, Mitchell, Travioli and Wilson

Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes, once approved the tape will be destroyed.

County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on several items.  There are some Capital projects going on.  They are putting new windows in the Medical Building, also a new roof on the Tower buildings and they are putting new boilers in several different places.  Animal control has been turned over to the Sherriff.  The County is working on moving departments to make it easier for people when they come in to get various documents.  The Clerk’s office is looking to put vital information online.  Also the Sherriff’s Department spent $24,000 on fuel for the last year.  

There was no public comment.

Motion by Wilson and supported by Rybicki to accept the minutes.  Motion carried.

Betz gave the Treasurers report. He has not received the January or March trailer fees.  Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to accept and file the Treasurers report with $69,755.79 in the savings and $77,204.32 in the checking.  Motion carried.  Betz reported that several CD’s came due and have been rolled over.  The interest was pulled off and put into the checking account.  The Fire account has paid off the General Fund.

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Betz to pay the post audit bills.  Motion carried.

Township Bills-2623.42 

Police Bills-6968.11

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Wilson to pay the Township bills in the amount of $21,627.15.  Motion carried.

Motion by Betz and supported by Rybicki to pay the Police bills in the amount of $7,886.36.  Motion carried.

Rybicki gave the police report.   Discussion followed on the car.  There was an estimate for the 2003 Ford Crown Victoria at $7,800.

Wilson gave the Ordinance Report.  There is one open case.  Rybicki stated that Tom Molton went out to the trailer on Pope Church Rd after the last meeting.  There is no indication that there is anyone living there.  He did speak with the home owner.    Betz stated that Steve Howard had come into the Township and wanted an update on the trailer; he also purchased a zoning book that day.

Travioli gave the Planning Commission report.  The Planning Commission would like to proceed with the Master Plan through Region II.  It was also brought to the Planning Commission that the terms have expired.   Wilson stated that is down on the Agenda.

Motion by Travioli and supported by Rybicki to proceed with Region II with the Master Plan.  Motion carried.

Rybicki stated that at the Fire Board meeting he did tell the Fire Board that the Township Board was still against the raise.  The raise was not granted.  Work is being done on the fire building, but price is higher.  At this time no electricity is being hooked up due to being over budget.  Tanker 2 is leaking.

Jason Sebastian questioned how the quote got so high.  Rybicki stated that the 1st builder couldn’t do it.  It is a commercial building and the cost of the permits went up.  Rybicki thinks that they are over budget by $30,000.  Discussion followed.  Nobody from Springport Township was contacted on the change in cost.  Discussion followed.  The next Fire Board meeting is June 16th at the fire barn.

Jason S. stated there has not been a Police Committee meeting yet.  Things did go well at the School meeting.  The next meeting is the 21st at 7:00 at the Township Hall.

Wilson stated she does have the salary resolutions, but feels if we should change the salaries before the petitions are turned in so that the people running know what the salaries are going to be.  Wilson stated she was going to put an article in the Signal.  Discussion followed.   Jason S. questioned if the board was looking for raises.  Wilson stated that the Board was not looking to increase the salaries.  What we are trying to do is figure out if the pay is in line with other Townships.  We can’t decrease pay while the board members are in office unless they write a letter to decrease their own pay.  The pay would need to be decreased before the new elected officials are voted in and the pay would take effect when they take office in November.   The pay is based on the position not the person running.  There was much discussion on this.

Betz stated that we need to have some kind of job description.  We do have information from MTA but that is a general description.  Each of us will bring a description of our own position to the next meeting.  We will consider setting Township guidelines.

Discussion followed on a car for the Police department.  The Board didn’t feel we should put $8,000 in the current car.  The money for the new car will come out of General Fund Savings. 

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Betz to buy a used Police car, capping at $16,000.00 with Board approval.  Motion carried.

Motion by Wilson and supported by Rybicki to switch from Cable internet to DSL for the Police Department.  Motion carried. 

Wilson gave the Board information on the various Boards and term lengths.  Discussion followed.   Wilson and Mitchell will attend the Planning Commission meeting on June 2nd and meet with the Board of Review in July.  We will have to start over with staggered terms.  It is also suggested that Inspectors be sworn in also.  Discussion followed. 

Bill Russell questioned how the Township Board terms run and why they are not staggered.  Wilson will check into it and get back to the Board.

Motion by Wilson and supported by Betz to accept JoAnn Underhill’s bid for $3500 for Hall maintenance.  Motion carried.

Motion by Wilson and supported by Betz to accept Francis Artz’s bid of $3500 for Cemetery Care.   The bid will be from April to October.  Motion carried.

Wilson gave the Township Board and also the Police Citizens Committee information gotten from MTA on setting up a Police Board.   Jason stated that the Committee as a whole recommends the Township creates a Police Board upon the passing of the millage.  Discussion followed. Rybicki will get information from Parma/Sandstone and bring it to the next meeting.

Wilson wanted to let the Board know that if we want to put millage on the August ballot it was due on May 27th.  Discussion followed as to how we arrived at the 3 mills. 

Motion by Betz and supported by Rybicki to authorize the Clerk to get the proper language with 3 mills for the ballot and bring it back with to the next meeting.   Motion carried.

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Wilson to put the Police millage on the ballot for 6 years.  Motion carried.

Jason expressed concern that down the road the Township and Village may not be able to put the share of money in.   Then what would happen. 

Rybicki did state that there is an option to not collect the taxes if something was to happen to  the Police department and it did not make it the full 6 years.  This was discussion when Rybicki was working with Parma Township on the combined department.

Wilson stated that Kyt inquired about a new computer.    Wilson also apologized that when she had the DSL put in she forgot about the Assessor and Treasurer computer with the internet.  Wilson called the phone company today and they advised her to get a router and that would network the 2 computers.  Discussion followed on the purchase of a computer.  The cost of computer was a concern. 

Motion by Wilson and supported by Betz to have Travioli look for a computer for the Treasurer/Assessor.  Motion carried.

Resolution 6-08 Dust Control offered by Wilson and supported by Rybicki.   Roll call: aye; Betz, Mitchell, Travioli, Wilson and Rybicki.  Nay; none.  The Supervisor declared the Resolution adopted.

Wilson stated that a lady from Par Plan had came out and asked questions on how different things were done in the Township and Police Department.  She has made suggestions on things we should do.  Rybicki asked that we get a copy of the items sent to Mike.  Rybicki also stated that this would be a great thing if we get a Police Board.  Wilson will get a copy of what Mike received.

Mitchell received a letter from the Sheriff’s department regarding roadside pickup.  Motion by Betz and supported by Rybicki to accept option #3 to have the trash taken to the incinerator and then bill the township.  Motion carried.

Mitchell received information from Jackson County looking for a Deputy Administrator. 

Wilson stated that the FFA had called and wanted to know if the Township wanted anything done for Spartan Sparkle.  Wilson asked them to power wash the building.  There is also a FFA Banquet on the 14th of May and the Township is invited.  The Township will receive recognition for allowing the Farm Stand to be on the Recycling lot.

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Betz to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.


Rebecca Wilson, Clerk