Springport Township Board Minutes
April 9th, 2007

            The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order at 7:01 p.m. at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Mitchell. 
            Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes.  Once approved the tape will be destroyed.
            Members present were Betz, Mitchell, Wilson and Travioli.  Rybicki was absent.  There were 5 visitors present. 
            County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on various issues.  The State budge looks like it is hitting the Villages and the Cities.  Hired a new Health Director that will be used between 2 counties.  Commissioners are going paperless, they are getting new pcs.  County has given $50,000 to give to the Sheriff for road coverage.  State has taken State Police off the road for the most part.  Meals on Wheels program if you know anyone call the Department of aging.  Haven’t heard anything on the JTA millage.  Also looking for animal control shelter.  Travioli questioned the cost savings by going with the pcs.
            Rybicki arrived at 7:09 p.m.
            Bill Russell would like to speak at the end of the meeting in regards to Fire Department Billing.
            Motion by Wilson to approve the minutes.  Supported by Betz.  Motion carried.
            Motion by Rybicki to accept and file the Treasurers report of $56,927.91 in the Savings and $50,355.79 in the checking.  Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried.
General fund checking has been closed.  The Citizens Tax savings have been closed.  The Citizens Tax checking has been retitled as Trust and Agency at the recommendation of the Audit.
Motion by Betz and supported by Rybicki to pay the following post audit bills.
Township:                                                                         65.41
Police:                                                                          1612.03
            Motion by Rybicki to pay the following Township bills in the amount of $11,253.31.  Supported by Travioli.  Motion carried.
Motion by Rybicki to pay the police bills in the amount of $2678.58.  Supported by Betz.
            Rybicki gave the police report.  Sheriff Heins is concerned with the Ordinance Officer running leins etc.  The Township can issue its own number for tickets.  The Sheriff doesn’t want him to be driving the police car as well.  They also feel he shouldn’t be in uniform.  They are possibly looking at buying a magnetic sign to cover up the police logo on the car.  There was discussion on why the  Sheriff department can tell us what to do with our car,  etc.  The Board decided to let the Zoning officer continue as is unless the County can give us a reason as to why we shouldn’t allow this.  The Zoning officer is also a Reserve Officer.
            The owners on Kimler Rd have pled guilty and have been ordered to clean up.  They have to report to the court every 30 days.  They had an illegal burn out there and should be charged with the run.  Need to check with Charlie on that.
            Mike is requesting that we pay him the money for health and dental so that he can get his own coverage.  This would be paid quarterly.  Discussion followed.  It is stated in his contract that we will provide health insurance, we may need to contact a lawyer on this.  Possible Mike could suggest someone that he would like insurance from.  There was concern about just cutting him a check  for insurance.  
            Travioli did not attend the Planning Commission meeting.
            Fireboard is starting to bill Consumers for waiting times.  The charge starts after 2 hours of waiting.  They are adding a lein-to to the south side of the building.
            Lance spoke with Karl on the increase in price on Sibley Rd.  He is not budging.  Wilson suggested doing Sibley Rd then working on new proposals for other roads.   Discussion followed on this subject.  Rybicki feels if we can’t afford Police dept why are we worrying about the roads.  Betzs opinion is to get it done.  The price is going up and we can’t force the Police on the people.  Travioli is not a fan of the road.  He feels we should look into others, but if we can get some plan started then ok..  Mitchell feels we should do it. 
            There was  discussion about the Police.  Mitchell will go to the Village and see if they will help out with Police.  Rybicki stated that Tompkins doesn’t have a Police department or buy time from the County.  Possibly we could share with other townships. 
            Betz will get Lance some figures to go to the Village with and see what we can do. 
            Motion by Betz to contract with Road commission to do portion of Crawford/Harshay as proposed to pay in 2 installments of $25,000 in 2007 and 1 payment in 2008.  Supported by Wilson.  3-ayes 2 nays.  Motion carried. 
            Lance has not spoke with Steve Ward or sent him a letter.  Tabled to next meeting. 
            Lance has also not done anything with the permit information as far as other ideas from Townships.  Tabled to next month.
            Motion by Wilson to increase delinquent property taxes in Fire Fund to $6443.92.  Also to increase Payroll taxes to $15.30.  Increase wages to $200.00.  Increase runs by $6228.62.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.
            Motion by Rybicki to increase interest to $395.03 in Police Fund.  Supported by Wilson. Motion carried.
            Motion by Wilson to change the Police Budget for 2007-08 per Nannette we can’t use Fund Balance as a revenue. Motion to increase fines and forfeitures to $1400, interest to $2600 and Misc. Revenue to $1000.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried. 
            Wilson looked into the cost of cement for the recycling lot.  Shaffers price was $2014.  It was suggested to call Consumers and Willibee’s in Jackson.  This  could possibly be a community event to get the lot ready for the cement.  There was discussion on the Farm Stand that the FFA wants to put on the recycling lot. Bill Russell will contact Mr. Thompson on the FFA Stand.
            Wilson asked the board about a new computer.  The monitor is no longer working.  Discussion followed on  where to get the computer.  Travioli said he would help with this.  Motion by Rybicki to find the best price on a computer.  Supported by Betz.  Motion carried. 
            Mitchell stated there are Risk management classes if anyone is interested.  Also there are nominations for Par Plan.  Jackson Co Board of Commissioners is offering a discount on disposal. 
            Bill Russell mentioned he would help with the fire run charging.  Need to check with the Chief on the billings.  He is also disappointed in the Township with the Roads and not the Police.  He also suggested putting a notice in the paper reminding the residents of the  burning ordinance. 
            Rybicki stated he would like numbers for Police.  He would like permission to talk with other communities.  He is willing to work with a Citizens community to get freed back.  Also the new door on the Fire Department was paid for by the Village.
            Wilson questioned on how to find out about billings for the Fire Department. 
            Mitchell took the flag down because it was looking rough.  He would also like to put a light on it.  Wilson will contact Hilda for a new flag. 
            Motion by Wilson to adjourn the meeting.  Supported by Rybicki.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50.