Springport Township Board Meeting
April 9th, 2012

     The April 9th, 2012 meeting of the Springport Township Board was called to order by Supervisor Lincoln at 7:02 pm., in the Township Hall. Board members present were; Betz, Mitchell, Sebastian and Keeler, we had 4 guests present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
      County Commissioner Cliff Herl updated us on millage for Jackson Co. of Aging coming up in August.
The Jackson Co. Airport is going to remodel and update their administration Offices.  He also reported on the West Ave. Bridge that will be under repair most of the summer along with Ganson Street improvements.
       Greg Sanford addressed the Board concerning “Jackson County Land Preservation Act”.  There is State money for funding if land owners in Springport Township wish to partake in the program.  The Zoning Board will discuss possibility of rezoning farm land for this purpose.
     A motion was made by Sebastian to approve the March 13th meeting, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.
      Sebastian then moved to approve the Budget Hearing Meeting on March 30, 2012, supported by Mitchell and it passed also.
      Betz gave the treasurer’s report.  General Fund checking has $102,320.42, tax account $3,000.00, police account $104,036.80.  General Fund CD’s $103,209.96, Fire Operating account $69,933.31 and fire equipment has $40,158.67.  Mitchell moved to approve the treasurer’s report subject to audit, supported by Sebastian, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian to approve payment of post audit police bills of $2,209.13, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Motion by Sebastian to approve payment of general fund post audit bills of $2,596.65, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to approve payment of post audit fire bills of $19.44, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to approve payment of General Fund bills of $10,926.43, motion supported by Sebastian and it carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to pay police bills of $7,497.58, motion passed.
Mitchell moved to pay COPS bills of $1,878.95, motion supported by Sebastian and it carried.
Sebastian moved to approve payment for fire bills in the amount of $59.48, Mitchell supported and it passed.
Police Report:
       Chief Luce gave the police report.  Deputy Dan Deering from the Sheriff’s Office conducted training for our new Aegis computer reporting system.  Chief attended “New Chief’s School: March 19-23, reported very good training and well worth the time.  There were 93 dispatches for Springport during the month of March.  Luce reported that there were some extra police cars that Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Office didn’t take because they were gray.  Sebastian moved to purchase one of the cars, pay ½ now and make a budget amendment from fund balance at the May meeting to cover the other half, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Committee Reports:
There was no police administration meeting.
Planning Committee met and reported that the Master Plan from Region 2 is completed and  in the office.
The Fire Board met and approved the 2012-13 year budget.  Sebastian will be removing trees and begin demolition of the Mead Bros. building at 129 Mechanic that the fire department purchased.
Unfinished Business:
The “Policy & Procedure “ manual is still being completed, should be done by May meeting.

Sebastian moved to adopt the new guidelines as submitted to the Board by the permit committee for obtaining  zoning, building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical permits, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.  Sebastian moved to also adopt the cost of permits of charged by the Parma Township, Mitchell supported and it carried.
Sebastian will contact Rod Thurow concerning changes.
Lincoln is going to check with Ken Hotchkiss on updates with Speese’s lawsuit.
New Business:
Keeler moved to adopt “Resolution # 6-12 Jackson County Road Commission for Local Road Maintenance”, supported by Sebastian.  Upon the following voting “aye”, Keeler, Sebastian, Mitchell, Betz and Lincoln, the Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.
Sebastian moved to send a bill for $100.00 to the  Gillette Family for repair to water/sewer mess after they rented the hall on April 8th, if the bill is paid it will be divided between JoAnn Underhill and Jeff Mitchell for cleaning it up, if no payment is received they will not be allowed to rent again, Betz supported the motion and it carried.
Sebastian moved to charge the Springport Class of “52” the same amount as other groups wishing to rent the hall, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
Sebastian noted that the trailer and property on Pope Church road is being improved.
      Sebastian moved to adjourn at 8:30, meeting adjourned.



Dena Keeler,