Springport Township Board Meeting
April 12th, 2010

       Meeting called to order by supervisor Gaylord Lincoln at 7:03 pm Monday April 12, 2010, in the Springport Township Hall.   Sebastian, Mitchell, Betz and Keeler were in attendance.  There were 3 guests present.
     Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
      County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke on the success of the County Animal Shelter since the Health Dept took over.  They will soon have a neutering hospital available at a very reasonable cost for pets.  The Dept of Aging has been updating their web site. The senior meals- on- wheels program and their home repair project have been going well with a large response.
        Sebastian moved to accept the minutes of the March 8th, 2010 meeting with corrections, supported by Mitchell motion passed.  
  Betz moved to accept the Secretary’s report for the March budget meeting on March 22nd, 2010, supported by Sebastian, motion passed.    
       Treasurer reported $146,633.27 in the General Fund checking and $146,455.23 in CD’s.  Sebastian moved and Keeler supported to accept the treasurer’s report subject to audit, motion passed.
       Betz moved to pay the General Fund post audit bills in the amount of $7,885.62, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.
      Betz moved to pay police post audit bills for $42,369.00, Mitchell supported, motion passed.
      Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to pay the COPS post audit bills for $2,185.60, motion passed.
      Sebastian moved to approve post audit fire bills in the amount of $104,713.89, supported by Mitchell, motion carried.               
      Sebastian moved to pay General Fund bills in the amount of $17,475.43, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.                                                                                                                         
      Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to pay the police bills in the amount of $8,488.54, motion passed.
Sebastian moved, supported by Mitchell to pay fire bills in the amount of $110.04, motion passed.  
     Motion by Sebastian to pay COPS bills in the amount of $1,778.58, supported by Mitchell, motion passed.
Committee reports:
     Betz gave the police report stating the hiring of 2 new part-time police officers.  He also reported that the new computer is in the cars and the purchase of a new radar gun and is working great.
     Sebastian reported that the planning committee has not heard anything back on the Master Plan, so we are still waiting.  J. Sebastian and Tom Bowen were appointed to the Planning Committee Board, effective Dec. 09 until Dec. 2012.
     Sebastian reported that the Fire Board rewrote a new Policy and Procedure Handbook which will go into effect immediately and will be in compliance with their insurance.        
     Resolution has been signed and the contract sent to Green Meadows Properties.
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   Fire budget was tabled until the May meeting.
New business:
     Sebastian moved to adopt Resolution # 7-10 General Appropriations Act, supported by Mitchell.  Roll call vote, voting “aye” Betz, Sebastian, Mitchell, Lincoln and Keeler, Supervisor declared the Resolution adopted.
     Sebastian moved to adopt Resolution # 8-10 Jackson Co Rd Maintenance, supported by Mitchell, those voting “aye” were Betz, Mitchell, Sebastian, Lincoln and Keeler, Supervisor Lincoln declared the resolution adopted.
Board member comments:
     Officer Speese has requested money in lieu of health insurance, he would then purchase his own insurance, and this was put on hold until further investigation of health care costs.
    Sebastian moved to adjourn at 7:55 pm, meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,


Dena Keeler,