APRIL 10TH , 2006

The regular meeting of the Springport Township Board was call to order at 7:04 PM by Supervisor Mitchell on April 10th, 2006 at the Springport Township Hall. Members present were Travioli, Betz, Rybicki, Mitchell and Wilson. There were 8 visitors present. Wilson stated that the minutes are being recorded for the purpose of assisting with the minutes. Once the minutes are approved the tape will be recorded over.

Cliff Herl spoke on various issues. There is a project at the Cascades that is all by donations to clean the Lagoons. With the Senior Millage they have been able to help more Seniors.

Guests introduced themselves and topics to discuss. Jeff Mitchell-SAGA and Streetor Rd. Bill Hammond-Library/Parking Lot. Carl Schmidt-Road Commission. Bill Russell- Ordinances and Budget.

Motion by Wilson to approve the minutes as printed. Supported by Travioli. Motion carried.

Motion by Rybicki to accept and file the Treasurer’s report of $59,347.52 in the Savings and $1,325.64 in the Checking. Supported by Travioli. Motion carried.

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to pay the Township Bills in the amount of 10,269.10.

Motion by Rybicki and supported by Betz to pay the Police Bills in the amount of $8,340.10.

Chief Speese gave his police report. Crime is picking up due to the nice weather. There will be an open house on June 22nd. Also Mike would like us discuss the upcoming Millage. He also ask that the Board consider giving the Police offers a $1.00 an hour raise. Carl Schmidt with the Road Commission spoke. There was a safety meeting held to
discuss safety concerns regarding the recent accident. Budget was down 1/4 million dollars in budget last year. Carl gave a recommendation to pave Harshay/Crawford to —99. He did give us a proposal on this. L. Mitchell suggested Streetor Rd and Robbins Rd. Schmidt stated that it only takes a phone call. The Township can get a payment plan over a 3 year period. 1 Mile of Road would cost $170,000. We need to let him know by May if we want any roads done.

Planning Commission met. The meeting was mostly about a Nextel Tower on Brown Rd and Pope Church. Wallace R. Haley and T.J. Garrett from Haley Law Firm were at the meeting regarding this issue. Discussion followed on a Variance for this. Reference to Pages 54-55, #13 letter I in the Zoning Ordinance Book. This part of the Ordinance was not discussed at the Planning Commission. After much discussion Travioli stated that the Planning Commission recommends a conditional use permit be granted. Motion by Travioli to approve conditional use permit on Nextel Tower, stated property on the Northwest corner of Brown and Pope Church Rd (Neill property). Supported by Betz. Roll Call: Aye-Travioli, Mitchell, Betz and Wilson. Nay-Rybicki.

The Planning Commission also discussed a trailer on Pope Church. The will not be granted an occupancy permit unless it meets code. There was also a question as to if there is a permit needed for the Trailer on Pope Church and Brown. There is extensive work being done on the property. It is Jack’s understanding that they need permits based on changes of structure, electrical and plumbing. Thomas and Linda Inman 000-01-14-476-00. Jack stated that there in no one living there at the moment. Wilson will look through permits. Lance will check on this with Rod also.

Rybicki reported on the Fire Board meeting. 2 officers were placed in empty positions for the Fire Department. Department wants to add a Portable garage in the back of the building. The building also needs new doors. 1 door was replaced by the Village a couple of years ago.

Charlie is going to talk to the Village about this. The fire truck was sold for $1251. The firemen would like to increase training pay from $7.50 to $15.00 an hour.

Motion by Rybicki to increase pay to $15.00 for Firemen for Training. Supported by Travioli. Roll Call: Mitchell-nay, Betz-nay, Travioli-nay, Rybicki-nay, Wilson-nay. Rybicki or Mitchell will take back to the Fire Board.

Rybicki reported on the Police Board. Discussion followed on the Police Millage. Rybicki questioned if we could have 3 proposals for the Police on the ballot. Wilson stated she would contact Suzanne to see if this is possible. Tabled to the next meeting.

Motion by Rybicki to increase officers pay by $1.00 an hour for current officers. After 6 month probation period for new officers they will get $1.00 raise also. Supported by Betz. Roll call- Travioli-aye, Rybicki-aye, Wilson-aye, Betz-aye, Mitchell-aye. Motion carried.

Rybicki and Betz met with Homestead Bank. There will be a stipulation that if we go over a certain amount of utilities that the bank will pick it up. They also would like to make some improvements to the building.

Wilson questioned if the Fire Board brought up anything about the millage at the meeting. Rybicki stated that it is up to the Township to get the millage. Current fire was 1.5 mills for 3 years. Discussion followed. Motion by Rybicki to put Fire Operating millage on the August Ballot for 1.5 mills for 3 years. Supported by Travioli. Motion carried.

Motion to amend the previous motion by Rybicki. Rybicki withdrew his amendment.

Ballot language is tabled to the next meeting to be adopted.

Rybicki also stated that there has been a lot of repairs to the Police cars lately. Mitchell asked why we don’t lease. Discussion followed. Rybicki contacted the County on the Library/Parking Lot and they have not gotten back to
Steve. Property by Hardware where Boomer’s was is for sale. Discussion followed. The Township may want to think about if for long term for the Police Department. Tom will check into it. Wilson stated that the following Budget Amendments are for the Police Department. Motion by Wilson to transfer $182.41 from Police Office Supplies to Car Fuel. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.

Motion by Wilson to transfer $2.00 from Board Wages to Rent. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.

Motion by Wilson to transfer $245.95 from Board Wages to Utilities. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.

Motion by Wilson to transfer $1000.00 from Wages to Capital Outlay. Supported by Wilson.

Motion by Wilson to transfer $1000.00 from Insurance to Capital Outlay. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.
Wilson stated that the following Budget Amendments are for the Fire Fund.

Motion by Wilson to increase the Fire Runs to $60,650.00. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.

Motion by Wilson to increase Payroll Taxes to $33.66. Supported by Rybicki. Motion carried.

Jeff Mitchell request to have Kyt mark out the property on Mill Street for the Recycling Containers. Lance will contact Kyt. Also Jeff stated that the fence behind the Police Department needs to be looked at. Bill Russell questioned the Hard surfacing of roads if that was existing roads. Mitchell stated it was a sealant and is County Wide as far as he knows. Bill Russell would like to see Kimler Rd done. Bill also questioned if the Township is setting aside money to get roads paved.
He also questioned if the Ordinances would start being enforced now that the new budget year is in effect. Discussion followed. Wilson asked the Board about a bill for a light for the Police Department that is past due.

Motion by Rybicki to pay the bill out of the General Fund Budget. Supported by Betz. Motion carried.

Motion by Rybicki to adjourn the meeting. Supported by Betz. Meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm.
Rebecca L. Wilson, Clerk