Springport Township Board Meeting

September 9, 2019

Springport Townships regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, in the township hall on September 9, 2019.   Board members present were Schmidt, Riehle, Marsh, Mitchell and Sebastian;. Chief Luce and Commissioner Tony Bair were also present.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

County Commissioner-Commissioner Tony Bair attended the meeting to introduce himself and explain a little bit about his role as a commissioner, some of the committees he is on and what  county commissioners are currently working on. Commissioner Bair answered several questions from board members regarding road conditions,the wonder machine, and the new events center at the fairgrounds. 

Public Comment- None

 * A motion was made by Sebastian to accept the August 12, 2019 minutes as written, supported by Mitchell and the motion passed.

Board Member Marsh gave the Treasurer’s report.  General Fund has a checking account balance of $384,987.39 Police checking has a balance of $263,275.90 and Fire Operating has a balance of $187,276.47 and Fire Equipment $37,088.20

*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report for audit by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell and it carried.


APPROVAL OF POST AUDIT BILLS General Fund:$200.01; Fire N/A ; Police:$6,462.02            

  • Total Post Audit Bills $6662.03

APPROVAL OF BILLS:  General Fund:$8,191.19;  Fire:$14,300.00;  Police:$5,458.79

  • Total Current Bills: $27,949.98

*Sebastian moved to pay post audit and current bills, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed unanimously.

Police Report: Chief Luce provided stats for the month and reported that August was a pretty busy month.  He also stated that school is back in session and they are spending some time at the school.  

Road Report-Nothing new to report 

Fire Board Report- Board member Sebastian updated the board on the fire board meeting that took place last month   Discussion took place regarding the possible future of the fire department and fire station. Springport Township board still contends that the possibility of a renovation and addition to the existing fire station be explored before construction of a new building be considered.  

Supervisor/Assessor’s Report:  6 structures in the township have been tagged condemned by Ordinance Officer Cain and Building Inspector Ken Powers, they were given 30 days to clean up/tear down.  Schmidt has heard back from several owners that are making progress. Those that are not in compliance or have not made contact within the 30 days will be referred to the township attorney.


  • Recreational Marijuana Ordinance: Riehle reported that the Recreational Marijuana Ordinance was published in the Springport Signal on August 22 and must be posted for 30 days before being enforced.  

  • Mini Grant:Riehle reported on an idea offered by a resident for the mini grant. The grant would include an awning and widening the cement at the front door to allow residents to  access the dropbox and bulletin board without walking on the lawn which could be a safety issue during inclement weather or when the ground is uneven.    


  • Streetor Road- board member Mitchell is frustrated with the condition of many township roads but feels that Streetor road is one of the worst in the township.  Mitchell asked Commissioner Bair to drive the road before leaving the township on his way home.  

  • Zoning Enforcement-discussion took place regarding the condemned houses and blight within the township.

  • Gibbs Road-board member Schmidt asked board member Sebastian to check on Gibbs road regarding sealing etc. 

  • 4029 Millage- board member Schmidt reported that there was a millage reduction of .9972. The township millage went from .0008386 to .0008362

Board Member Comments:

Meeting Adjourned- 8:27pm

Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk