Springport Township Board Meeting

September 10, 2018

Springport Townships regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, in the township hall on September 10, 2018.   

Board members present were Schmidt, Riehle, Sebastian and Losey.  Mitchell was absent. Chief Luce was also present. .

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

County Commissioner-Not present

Public Comment- None

* A motion was made by Sebastian to accept the August 13, 2018 minutes, supported by Schmidt and the motion passed.

Board Member Losey gave the Treasurer’s report.  General Fund has a checking account balance of $304,028.59 Police checking has a balance of $199,362.07 and Fire Operating has a balance of $150,369.41 and Fire Equipment $36,863.68

*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report as printed by Sebastian, supported by Riehle and it carried.

Budget Amendment- Riehle suggested increasing election office supplies 101-262-726-000 by $700 and decreasing contracted services 101-215-818-000 by $350 and decreasing deputy salary 101-215-704-000 by $350

General Fund Post Audit for Approval: $600.76  Police Post Audit for Approval: $7,208.67

*Sebastian moved to pay post audit bills, motion supported by Losey and it passed unanimously.

General Fund Current Bills for Approval: $9,484.33

Police Current Bills for Approval: $656.95

Fire Current Bills for Approval: $18,250.00

*Sebastian moved to pay current bills, motion supported by Schmidt and it passed unanimously.

Police Report: Chief Luce reported that August was a busy month and school was back in session.  Luce is interested in offering a Virtual Academy- online training program for his employees at the cost of $276 per year.  

*Schmidt moved to offer Virtual Academy at the cost of $276, motion supported by Riehle and it passed unanimously

Chief Luce reported that he would like to purchase rubber wristbands that say “Springport Police” on them for youth in the community and also two sided coins for older youth and adults.  Officers would be able to hand these out to community members. The wristbands are $152 and the coins are $700 ($250 is a one time setup fee for the coins). Luce feels this is a good way to promote positive public relations with the community.

*Schmidt moved to purchase the wristbands at the cost of $152 and the coins at the cost of $700, motion supported by Riehle and it passed.

Luce reported that he will be in training all this week for the new 800 radios.  He will also be taking place in the “Train the Trainer” program so he will be able to train others on the use of the radios.  The rollout of the new radios is approximately the end of October.

Committee Reports:

Supervisor/Assessor’s Report: Karl and Jeannie will be in continuing education classes this week.  The county sent out the new 4029 for the new winter tax rates.


  • Server- waiting to hear back from Chris regarding server.

  • Door- Cram Construction will be starting the door on October 8th.  Cram Construction has asked for material funds by October 3rd however an actual dollar amount was not requested.  Riehle spoke with Cram who was to send an itemized invoice but one has not been received yet. Riehle requested a motion to pay Cram by October 3rd which is prior to the next meeting.  

*Schmidt moved to issue a check to Cram Construction for up to 50% of the cost, motion supported by Schmidt and it passed unanimously

  • Audit- Losey reported the Nannette met with Schmidt, Riehle and Losey last week regarding the audit.  Everything looked good and we are just waiting on the final review from her office.

  • Ken Powers- Ken powers is the new building inspector.  He is scheduled to meet with Schmidt and Riehle on Wednesday September 12th.  Ken will be taking over issuing all permits for the township.


  • Tire Grant- Riehle is working on the grant for a tire cleanup next spring.  Dates for the tire cleanup have not been announced yet.

Board Comments:  Losey reported that so far only about 50% of tax payments have been paid.  The deadline for payment is 5:00pm Friday, September 14th.

Riehle reported about the FOIA request she received from “Emily” requesting all ballots and documentation from the November 2016 Presidential election.  Discussion took place.

*Sebastian moved to not make photo copies of the ballot and offer for “Emily” to come view the ballots in person, motion supported by Losey and it passed unanimously.

*Sebastian moved to request and obtain 50% of the cost of the FOIA request upfront and the other 50% on the date set to view the ballots, motion supported by Losey and it passed unanimously.  

Meeting Adjourned- 7:51pm

Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk