Springport Township Board Meeting
October 12, 2015

        Springport Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Schmidt t 7:00 pm at the township hall.  All Board Members were present and we had 3 guests.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
       Anthony Parker from Consumers Energy was present; he presented the Board with Consumers Energy’s Franchise Ordinance. This ordinance will allow Consumers the right of way to construct, maintain, and commercially use electric lines consisting of towers, masts, poles distribution wires, transformers and other electrical appliances as necessary for a period of thirty years.  Keeler moved that the Board adopt Resolution 13-15- Consumers Energy Franchise Ordinance, supported by Schmidt  Roll call vote was taken and the following voted “aye”; Keeler, Schmidt, Mitchell and Sebastian, Betz voted “nay”, the Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.
     September 14, 2014 minutes were approved by a motion from Sebastian and supported by Mitchell.
     Betz gave the treasurer’s report, general fund has a checking account balance of $189,652.76, and police account has a balance of $110,734.38.  Sebastian moved to accept the treasurer’s report for audit motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.
Motion by Mitchell to approve post audit bills for the police in the amount of $6,235.13, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed.
Sebastian moved to approve general fund post audit bill of $576.42, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Mitchell moved to pay general fund bills of $5,291.77, supported by Sebastian and it carried unanimously.             
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to pay police bills in the amount of $4,748.40, motion carried unanimously.
Police Report;  Chief Luce gave the police report.  September was a normal month quiet month, nothing out of the ordinary to report.
Committee Reports:  There was no police committee meeting, now a planning commission meeting.
Fire Board met on the 19th of October. Sebastian reported on the Farm rescue training put on the by the firemen, which was very beneficial.  Fire Board approved purchase of several pieces of equipment for rescue and safety purposes. The Fire Board and firemen expressed agreement in moving the fire bell which is currently in front of the town hall back to the fire barn. This could be done after a new addition is added which is also being considered.  The Fire Board has expressed interest in purchasing the fire barn from the Village in the near future.
Supervisor’s report: Supervisor Schmidt recently returned from a 3 day assessor’s training by the State.  Many changes are going to be made concerning the assessor’s responsibilities and reports.
Schmidt is meeting with White & Hotchkiss on the 19th to discuss writing an ordinance for removing and cleaning-up dilapidated and/or burnt houses in the township.
Schmidt has received quote for the BS&A assessing and treasurer’s .NET programs.  No motion to purchase the programs at this time, possibly in December, after the winter taxes.
Unfinished business;
    The bell tower has been temporally repaired, waiting for a bill from Phil Lonnesberry for his labor to fix the cracks and mortar.
New Business;     Schmidt will take the purposed contract for Officer Cain in to White & Hotchkiss for review on Monday.
Discussion was held concerning fire fund account.  Betz has worked out estimated tax income and with current balance the possibility of purchasing some safety equipment for the fire men. 
      Keeler read Betz’s retirement/resignation letter to the Board effective Nov. 9th, 2015.  Keeler moved to accept Betz’s resignation for the treasurer’s position with deep regrets, motion supported by Schmidt and the motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8: 00 pm


Dena Keeler,