Springport Township Board
Oct. 14, 2013    

     Supervisor Schmidt called the Springport Township Board meeting to order at 7:00 pm on the 14th of Oct. 2013.   All Board members were present.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  We
 had 5 guests present.
There was no public comment.
     Sebastian moved to accept the Sept 9, 2013 Board minutes, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.                            
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve post audit police bills in the amount of $5,544.39, motion passed.
Sebastian moved to approve post audit COPS bills of $2,281.38, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed.
Sebastian moved to approve General Fund post audit bills of $237.21, supported by Mitchell, motion carried unanimously.
Mitchell moved to pay general fund bills of $16,743.01, motion supported by Sebastian, 5 “ayes” no “nays.
Motion by Mitchell, supported by Sebastian to pay police bills in the amount of $5,315.95, all Board members voted to pay police bills.
Mitchell moved to pay COPS bills of $ 836.20 motion supported by Sebastian, motion passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s report:
The treasurer’s report was given by Betz.  General fund checking account has $112,380.04, police account $53,992.47, COPS account has $1,771.73  fire operating $332,026.11 and fire equipment has $40,480.91, tax account has $10,372.19 and CD’s $78,567.40.  Sebastian moved to approve the report for audit, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Police Report:
Chief Luce reported that Officers spent about 20 hours at the schools during the month of September.  The –ticketing project is going well and as of now a little ahead of schedule. may be implemented in late November. Officer Morofski has received another full time position so he will no longer be able to work in our department. Chief Luce will be looking to hire another part-time officer.
Committee reports;
    Police Administration Board will meet in November.
    The Planning Commission met and had the following recommendation to the Board; “that the Lincoln property on Parma Road be placed back on agricultural and to tax the  buildings on the site as commercial”  Keeler moved to accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation , motion supported by Sebastian and it passed.   
Fire Board met in September, they discussed the upcoming millage, Chief Cox and Assistance Chief Ott accepted the bid from Spencer for the new tanker/pumper truck depending outcome of the Nov. election.   A letter was read at the Fire Board meeting  concerning problems within the department but since there was no signature, the fire board merely placed it on file.  Concerns were expressed at the Township board meeting involving the steering on the rescue truck, the truck is being repaired.
Unfinished Business:
    Schmidt and B. Ungar are working on the “condemned house ordinance”.
    Enbridge Grant for the “Community Park” has been approved and we should be receiving a check from them soon.
JDOT has finished work on Stark Road McClellan Road.
    Wolverine State Assessing Inc. sent in their letter of resignation as of Nov. 31,2013 to the Board.  Keeler moved to accept the letter of resignation with regrets, and to appoint Supervisor Schmidt as interim assessor until end of fiscal year.  This motion was amended by Sebastian to request that Wolverine Assessing’ last day be Nov. 17,2013 and the final two weeks be considered vacation, motion supported by Mitchell and the amended motion passed.
Sebastian supported the original  motion and it carried.
New Business:
     Mitchell moved to adopt Resolution # 13-13 for Fire millage Tanker/Pumper Truck, supported by Schmidt, upon roll call vote with the following voting “aye”; Mitchell, Betz, Schmidt, Keeler and Sebastian the Resolution was adopted.
     Keeler moved to appoint  Joseph William Ungar as the Township’s Building Official, supported by Sebastian and it passed.
      The Board will continue to employ Officer Taylor as full time, the money was budgeted for the remaining fiscal year .
     Springport Village is passing a Burn Ordinance which was received by the Board for our information.
Board member’s comments;
      Sebastian moved to contact Bud’s Furnace for service and check up to the township building’s furnace, motion supported by Keeler and it passed.
      A suggested ordinance for Solicitors within the township was passed out to Board Members for the review at the November meeting.
    Meeting adjourned at 8:15.


Dena Keeler,