October 13th, 2008

                The regular meeting of the Springport Board was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Springport Township Hall by Supervisor Lance Mitchell.
                Members present were Travioli, Mitchell, Rybicki and Wilson.  Betz was absent. 
                The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 
                Mitchell stated the meeting is being recorded to assist with the minutes, once approved the tape will be destroyed.
                County Commissioner Cliff Herl spoke.  Still working on the runway at the airport. They are trying to keep the incinerator going.  It will be competitive on tipping fees.  They are also working on address changes for safety around the County.  It is the 50th anniversary for the Juvenile home.  From the Sherriff the tickets are down and the accidents are up.  They don’t have the road patrol.     The jail count is down.  Currently renting beds to other counties.  They also need to hire more 911 dispatchers. The register of deeds stated that the social security numbers need to be removed from documents before they leave the county office.
                There is no public comment.
                Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to approve the minutes.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to pay the police post audit bills in the amount of $5347.73.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to pay the Township bills in the amount of $7480.15.  Motion carried.
                Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to pay the Police bills in the amount of 7388.47.  Motion carried.
                Chief Speese left a report for everyone.  Two of the new officers have started working, liquor inspections were completed for the month.  Chief Speese is requesting the Village pass an animal ordinance that would ban animals including horses from the Village without a permit.  Chief Speese again stated that if someone has a complaint they need to come to him and report it.
                Travioli reported on the Planning Commission.  Most of the meeting was in regards to the Master Plan.  He reported that the information they are getting from Region II is out of date even though it has current dates on it.  Jim Wardius was going to contact Region II in regards to that.  Travioli also asked about the Planning Commission Board.  There is a position that will be open due to Travioli leaving.  Wilson will check into the terms for the Planning Commission and report back.  The Planning Commission does not meet again until December.
                Rybicki reported on the Fire Board meeting.  Two new firefighters have been hired.  Gary Ott fixed the truck that was leaking.  They haven’t checked into the appointing of Officers.  Charlie was not at the meeting.  Rybicki stated the Consumers billing is still not being done. That information is supposed to be brought to the clerks.  The Board did change the billing amounts.  A rescue run is $350, a fire run is $650 and a wire down is $350.  They will start billing after 2 hours for a wire down.  Wilson asked why the Fire Department doesn’t do its own billing to Consumers.  Wilson also asked what the Quarterly cost was for.  If the Fire Board billed Consumers they would have more of an incentive to get the money back.  Wilson stated it would be a quarterly bill to Consumers like the Townships are billed.  Due to changing of the Boards, Bill Russell will take this information to the next Fire Board meeting.
                Mitchell stated Rod is only giving direction of permits out to people who have never been through the building process before.  Lance asked Rod to give them to everyone.  Rybicki stated he knows there is one inspection that was not done by Ward.  Mitchell stated when he spoke with Ward he told Lance he does all the inspections.  Wilson stated he is paid 80% of the building permits when they come into the office.   There is no paperwork ever turned in by Ward.  Keith King and Steve Gilreath turn in papers each month to the Clerk on their inspections.  Wilson has never had any paperwork turned in by Ward.  Rybicki stated we should keep this on the agenda for the next board.  There is no accountability in the permit process. 
                Rybicki went to the Village and stated the Township is looking at an advisory Board.  The Village elected Tabitha Dake and Jason Bartley to the Police Advisory Board.
                Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to start a Police Advisory Board, with 2 members from the Village and the Township and 1 member at large, with 1 meeting to be held each month.  Motion carried.  Mitchell appointed Betz and Steve to the Police Advisory Board. 
                Wilson stated there is a meeting on October 14th for the Horse Park and Exposition Center.
                Wilson also gave the board a copy of the updated Police budget. 
                Mitchell stated that Teresa Brown called him and she told him she was not going to Mike but she wanted the Board to intervene.  Mitchell told her there were rules and a policy in place that needed to be followed. 
                Mitchell got a letter from Jackson County Geographic Information System.  They would like us to let them know if we have any addresses that need changed.  Wilson will contact Kyt.  There was discussion on the number sequence on some of the roads. 
                Wilson gave the Treasurers report in Betz’s absence.  Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to accept and file the Treasurer report in the amount of $60,896.95 in the savings and $65,330.59 in the checking. Motion carried.  Rybicki questioned the loaning of money to the Police department.
                Rybicki stated the blue car is getting weaker and hopefully will last until March. 
                Mitchell requests that cell phones be turned off during the meetings.
                Motion by Rybicki and supported by Travioli to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

                                                                                                Rebecca Wilson, Clerk