Springport Township Board Meeting

November 13, 2017

Springport Township’s regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00pm, in the township hall on November 13th, 2017.   Board members present were Schmidt, Losey, Riehle, Mitchell, and Sebastian.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

County Commissioner- No Representative Present

Public Comment- NA

* A motion was made by Sebastian to accept October 9th, 2017 minutes as presented, supported by Mitchell and the motion passed.

Board Member Losey gave the Treasurer’s report.  General Fund has a checking account balance of $224,295.93, Police checking has a balance of $146,729.37 and Fire Operating has a balance of $107,489.26 and Fire Equipment $36,695.24.

*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell and it carried.

General Fund Post Audit for Approval: $135.85

Police Post Audit for Approval: $6,594.91

*Sebastian moved to pay post audit bills, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed unanimously.

General Fund Current Bills for Approval: $8,838.21

Police Current Bills for Approval: $9,905.31

Fire Current Bills for Approval: NA

*Sebastian moved to pay current bills, motion supported by Mitchell and it passed unanimously.

Budget Amendment- Riehle requested moving 500.00 from Building Maintenance 101-265-812-000 to Audit Fees 101101807000 to cover Dove and Hickey preparing the F65 report.  

*Losey motioned to move approve the budget Amendment requested by Riehle, motion supported by Sebastian and the motion passed unanimously.  

Police Report:   Chief Luce reported that officers qualified with handguns with the Sheriff’s Office, Chief Luce attended Glock Armor’s refresher school,  Wade Beitelschies has retired from law enforcement.  Chief Luce requested permission from the board to attend the winter chief’s conference in February.  The conference is held in February in Grand Rapids.  

*Board member Sebastian motioned to allow Chief Luce to attend the chief’s conference in Grand Rapids in February 2018, Mitchell supported and the motion passed unanimously.  

Committee Reports:

Planning Commission: N/A

Fire Board– N/A

Supervisor/Assessor’s Report:  

Supervisor Schmidt reported that he and Becky balanced and tax bills will be ready to go out November 30th.  



  • Cain Insurance Increase- There was a small increase in BCN

  • Avery Early Pay- There is a discount offered if the bill is paid within 10 days.  

* Losey motioned to pay the Avery bill prior to the board meeting if needed to receive the discount, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed unanimously.  

  • Fire Tax Millage- Discussion took place regarding which election in 2018 the millage would be on.

  • Decker Insurance- Mr. Decker would like to meet to talk about the township policy.  Riehle will set up a meeting on a Wednesday when Losey, Schmidt and Riehle can all attend.  

Board Member Comments –

Meeting Adjourned- 7:48pm

Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk