Springport Township Board Meeting
May 12, 2014

     Supervisor Schmidt called the regular monthly meeting of the Springport Township Board meeting to order at 7:00 pm, in the Hall of Springport Township.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Board members present were:
Betz, Mitchell, Keeler, Sebastian and Schmidt, we had 3 guests present.
     Jon Calhoun attended our meeting to introduce himself and announced that he was running for State of Michigan, District House Seat.  He presented his views on various subject and answered some questions.  County Commissioner S. Lightner was not able to attend the meeting, so no report from her.
     There were no correction s or additions to the minutes of April 14, 2014 so the Supervisor stated they stood as approved.
     Betz gave the Treasurer’s report.  We have a balance of $ 110,717.36 in the General Fund, Police Account has a balance of $151,310.27, Fire operating has $ 70,144.70 .  Sebastian moved to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, motion supported by Mitchell and it carried.
Sebastian moved to approve payment of police post audit bills of $6,598.76, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
Motion by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell to approve payment for Consumer Energy bill of $89.86, motion passed. 
Mitchell moved to approve payment of police bills in the amount of $7,967.28, Sebastian supported the motion and it carried unanimously.
 Motion by Mitchell, supported by Sebastian to pay general fund bills of $8.794.87, all board members voted “aye”.
       Officer Carl Carmoney gave the police report.  Officers attended a driving school hosted by the training consortium at MIS and they also attended firearms training with the Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Office.  No major incidents to report, things are going good.  Mitchell is still checking out price for police doors in the Village Office.  Chief Luce is still checking out printers for his office.
Committee Reports:
Police Administration  Board met and discussed passing upcoming millage request in the August election and how to best promote it. Jason  Bartley will try and form a committee to get the word around.
Planning Commission didn’t meet.
Fire Board will meet in June.  Fire Board will also held  a special meeting for the opening of bids for lawn maintenance at the fire barn, this will be Tuesday, the 13th at 7:00.
Unfinished Business:
Discussion was held concerning the repair of several local roads, Sebastian is trying to contact the JDOT for time line to repair roads.
Schmidt has drafted a letter to send to home owners of burnt houses, requesting that they clean them up, per Ordinance # 12 “Springport Township Dilapidated Building and/or Structure Ordinance, Section 2.
Keeler moved to table Resolution 8-14 JDOT Local Dust Control, until our June meeting, Mitchell supported the motion and it carried.
New Business:
Mitchell moved to charge $50.00 for hall rent to residents of Springport Township and $100.00 to non-residents, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed.
Sebastian moved to have Betz, Schmidt and Keeler review several Ordinances and have White & Hotchkiss amend and  update them, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.
Betz reported on delinquent trailer fees and how he has been trying to collect them.
Board members can contribute to the “Inter Faith Shelter” fund in Tom Molton’s memory if they wish.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Respectively submitted,

Dena Keeler,