2014-15 Springport Township
Budget Meeting
March 23, 2015

      The Springport Township Budget hearing meeting was called to order by Supervisor Schmidt at 7:00 pm on March 23, 2015.  Board members present were Betz, Schmidt, Mitchell and Keeler, Sebastian was absent, there were no guests.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
      The treasurer’s report was given by Betz.  As of March 23rd the general fund has a balance of $187,845.43, police account has $193,322.12 in the checking and fire account is $63,440.12.  Schmidt moved to accept the report for audit, supported by Mitchell and it passed.
     Betz moved to have the fire account repay the general fund in full in the amount of $48,500 for the loan for purchase of the fire truck, supported by Mitchell and the motion carried.
     Betz moved to amend the general fund budget, items 253-726 office supplies by deducting $50.00 and increasing the D. Treasurer wages item # 253-704 by $50.00, Mitchell supported the motion and it passed.  Motion by Betz, supported by Mitchell to increase police pay-roll taxes budget #207-101-720 by an increase of $1,100.00 and deduct this amount from Health insurance # 301-9919, motion carried.
Mitchell moved to approve payment of general fund bills of $5,327.47, fire bills in the amount of $48,628.20 and police bills for $8,488.16, supported by Betz and it passed unanimously.
      Mitchell moved to increase Officer Cain’s wages to include the cost to her for health care, we would require proof that insurance was being paid, Betz supported the motion and it passed.
       Betz moved that the Springport Township adopt the proposed 2015-16 budget as printed, with General Fund revenues of $196,892.00, expenditures of $196,892.00, Fire fund revenues of $152,650.00, expenditures of $82,100.00 and Police account revenues of $$201,300.00 and expenditures of $201,300.00, Mitchell supported the motion.  The following Board Members voted to adopt the budget, Betz, Mitchell, Schmidt and Keeler, Sebastian was absent, budget was adopted.
Mitchell moved to adopt resolution #10-15- To Set Administration Fees, Betz supported the motion and it carried unanimously.   Motion by Betz it adopt the General Appropriations Act, Resolution # 11-15 with corrections, supported by Keeler, resolution passed.
     Keeler moved to adjourn at 8:10, meeting adjourned.


Respectively submitted,



Dena Keeler,