Springport Township Board Meeting

March 11, 2019

Springport Townships regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:40pm, in the township hall on March 11, 2019.   

Board members present were Schmidt, Riehle, Mitchell, Marsh and Sebastian. Chief Luce was also present. .

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

County Commissioner-Not present

Public Comment- None

* A motion was made by Sebastian to accept the February 11, 2019 minutes, supported by Mitchell and the motion passed.

Board Member Marsh gave the Treasurer’s report.  General Fund has a checking account balance of $336,316.69 Police checking has a balance of $218,159.98 and Fire Operating has a balance of $161,854.24 and Fire Equipment $36,970.11

*Motion to approve the treasurer’s report as printed by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell and it carried.

  • 101-101-827-000 Legal Fees- Decrease  $150.00

101-101-955-000 Misc. Expenditure: Increase $150.00

  • 101-101-811-000 Road Construction- Decrease $2,235.00

101-171-703-000 Salaries- Increase $1900.00: 101-371-702-000 Wages- Increase $335.00

  • 101-265-921-000 Utilities- Decrease $100.00

101-265-925-000 Telephone- Increase $100.00

  • 206-333-977-000 Equipment- Decrease $170.00

206-333-703-000 Wages- Increase $170.00

  • 207-301-955-000 Misc. Expenditure- Decrease $210.00

207-301-925-000 Telephone - Increase $155.00: 207-301-939-000 Vehicle Repair- Increase $55.00

**Motion to approve the budget amendments as suggested by Sebastian, supported by Mitchell and it carried.

Approval of Post Audit Bills:

General Fund Post Audit for Approval: $235.10  Police Post Audit for Approval: $5,405.34

Total Post Audit Bills $5,639.44

*Mitchell moved to pay post audit bills, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed unanimously

Approval of Current Bills:

General Fund Current Bills for Approval: $11,757.16; Police Current Bills for Approval: $3,851.67: Fire $16,225.72

Total Current Bills $31,834.55

*Mitchell moved to pay current bills, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed unanimously.

Police Report:

-New officer, Charles Brant, was sworn in and is active as of February 6th

-302 money was received in the amount of $500 and VTPOA money was received in the amount of $1800.

-February was overall a slow month

Road Report- Town Road estimate from the county from Brown Road to North Parma came in at $186,000.  Schmidt is planning to attend the supervisors meeting as Christopher Bolt from Jackson County will be speaking.

Fire Board:  Sebastian reported to the board that the fire board will be meeting every other month instead of quarterly.

Supervisor/Assessor’s Report:

-Everything balanced

-Assessing contractor will be attending the April meeting to discuss the assessing roll.



  • BSA Training for Treasurer- BS&A will be out either May 3rd or 16th.

  • Hall Maintenance/Cemetery Bids- Only one bid was submitted for each position.  Joann Underhill in the amount of $4000 per year for hall maintenance and Francis Artz in the amount $5520 per year to maintain Griffith and Pierson cemetery.

*Riehle moved to accept the bid for hall maintenance from Joann Underhill for the amount $4000 and the bid from Francis Artz for cemetery maintenance at Pierson and Griffith cemetery in the amount of $5520.00 , motion supported by Marsh and it passed unanimously.

  • Budget- Riehle will finalize copies of the budget from the budget workshop and mail them to board members for review before the April board meeting.

  • End of year meeting- March 28th at 7:00pm at Springport Township Hall

  • Riehle requested a motion to pay Stan Keeler as an alternate for BOR- discussion took place

*Schmidt moved to pay Stan Keeler $75 for BOR, motion supported by Sebastian and it passed unanimously.

*Schmidt moved to change pay for BOR at the rate of $75 for July meeting, $75 for December meeting and $250 for March meeting; BOR chairman will receive $300 for March meeting: BOR members will only paid if in attendance of meeting; motion supported by Riehle and it passed unanimously.

Board Member Comments:

Meeting Adjourned- 8:08pm

Jackie Riehle, Springport Township Clerk